Adelix ADL-MS30 Vibration Analyser

ADL-MS30 – vibration measurement and analysis on the 1st channel, rotational speed and non-contact temperature measurement.

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ADL-MS30 – vibration measurement and analysis on the 1st channel, rotational speed and non-contact temperature measurement.

ADL-MS30 is a device designed for measuring and analyzing vibration in equipment. The device can measure and analyze vibration on 1 channel, allowing for a more accurate determination of the causes of vibration and their elimination.

In addition, ADL-MS30 also provides the ability to measure the rotational speed of the equipment, which is also an important indicator for diagnosing the condition of the equipment.

The device is also equipped with a non-contact temperature measurement function, which allows for the prompt monitoring of equipment temperature and preventing overheating.

This device is a simple and reliable tool for measuring vibrations. The built-in software allows for easy data management and report generation, making the equipment monitoring process much easier.
Measuring vibrations with this vibrometer is quick and does not require any preparatory work.

One of the important features of the vibrometer is the ability to forecast vibration increase based on measured values over a certain period of time, such as a month. This allows for planning the timing of future repairs and significantly saving money compared to planned maintenance.

All these functions and capabilities make this vibrometer a very useful and necessary tool for monitoring the condition of equipment in various industrial sectors where reliable equipment operation needs to be ensured and accidents and breakdowns prevented. For example, in mechanical engineering, energy, mining and oil and gas industries, as well as in manufacturing.

The values measured by the vibration analyzer can be used to diagnose unit defects. To do this, a spectral analysis of the signal is used, which allows you to highlight the key and “defective” lines in the vibration spectrum. This allows you to determine the condition of the bearings, imbalance, misalignment and other defects that may occur in the operation of the equipment.

Spectral analysis is a signal analysis method in which the signal is broken down into frequency components, allowing the identification of individual frequency components that make up the vibration. The presence of key and defective lines on the spectrum allows determining the condition of equipment and diagnosing possible defects.

For example, if key and defective lines corresponding to bearings are found on the vibration spectrum, this may indicate their wear or malfunction. Similarly, the presence of lines corresponding to imbalance or misalignment may indicate these defects in the operation of the unit.

The main area of application for these devices is the operational monitoring of mechanical conditions during operation, diagnostics, technical servicing, and repair of equipment such as bearings, gears, turbines, generators, fans, pumps, rotors, distribution installations, ball mills, rolling mills, reducers, conveyors, engines, blowers, and many other types of equipment. They are applicable for monitoring both entire structures and individual elements.

The ADL-MS series vibration analyzers are used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, as well as light and defense industries, thermal and nuclear power engineering, servicing equipment in agro-industrial complexes, housing and communal services, and transportation.

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Features and functions of the device:

  • Measurement of vibration velocity, vibration displacement and vibration acceleration;
  • Non-contact temperature measurement;
  • Optical tachometer for measuring rotational speed;
  • Spectral vibration analysis (fast Fourier transform);
  • Analysis of the time signal;
  • Display of RMS and peak vibration values;
  • Measurement in the acceleration/run-out mode;
  • Possibility of obtaining vibration change trends using specialized software;
  • Built-in battery;
  • Easy and intuitive control;
  • Dust and moisture-proof design of the keyboard, display and connectors;
  • Bright display.

The introduction of the ADL series vibration meters at enterprises will allow:

  • significantly increase the reliability and service life of equipment,
  • eliminate the risk of emergencies and ensure the continuous operation of the enterprise,
  • timely detect and eliminate the increased level of vibration,
  • increase profits by reducing the cost of unforeseen repairs and downtime
Number of vibration channels1
Speed sensor channels+
Measure temperature+
Frequency range1…10000 Hz
Vibration acceleration measurement rangeup to 200 m/s2
Vibration velocity measurement rangeup to 200 mm/s
Displacement measurement range (peak-to-peak)up to 2000 um
Accuracyup to 5%
Possibility of balancing
Temperature measuring range-70…+380°C
Speed measuring range10…200000 rpm
FFT spectral analysis400, 800, 1600 lines in the spectrum
Memory4 GB
PC connection and chargingUSB
Displaycolor, 128×160 pixels
BatteryBuilt-in, LiPo
Terms of Usefrom 0°C to 50°C humidity up to 80%
Overall dimensions132 x 70 x 33mm
Weight150 g

Delivery set:

  • ADL-MS display unit;
  • Accelerometer;
  • 1.5m cable for vibration sensor;
  • Magnet for fixing vibration sensor;
  • Optical tachometer for measuring rotation speed, magnetic base (ADL-MS30, ADL-MS32 versions);
  • Temperature sensor built into the probe (ADL-MS 30 version);
  • Network USB charger;
  • USB cable;
  • Flash drive with software (or software installed in the device memory);
  • User manual;
  • Carrying case
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This product does not have software options.
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