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Dew Point Meter NOVOTEST KTR-1

Dew Point Meter NOVOTEST KTR-1 is designed for rapid non-destructive measurement the temperature, humidity, dew point calculation and measurement the surface temperature by contact method.

Dew Point Meter NOVOTEST KTR-1 allows user to measure:

– air temperature (-20 to + 125 ° C)
– surface temperature (-20 to + 125 ° C)
– relative humidity

And calculates:

– dew point temperature
– difference between dew point and surface temperature

Accurate measurements the parameters of the environment before painting works
Minimum number of controls: one button – one function
Digital contrast segment display
Built-in temperature and humidity sensors
Built-in contact sensor for measuring the surface temperature
For easy operation dew point meter is equipped with beeper
Sound alarm when difference between surface temperature and dew point decreases more than 3 ° C
Factory default settings of the device allows to operate without additional calibration
Durable two-button membrane keypad
Auto power off for increasing continuous operating time


Dew Point Meter
Operating manual

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