Thermal imaging camera


Dianyang DP22 handheld thermal camera features and increased temperature range of 20°C to 450°C and a thermal sensitivity of 70mK make this a well suited to various inspections.

The strong Pip (picture in picture) function which allows the IR image to be superimposed onto the visible image for added details in your report.

Another added feature of this camera, the powerful LED light which allows you to take visible images even in dark environments.

With WiFi as standard you can now seamlessly transfer your images to your computer. This enables you to view, edit and create reports quite easily.

High Resolution

With 320×240 high resolution, the DP22 will easily inspect the details of object, and the users can select 8 color palettes for different scenarios.

It supports 20°C ~ 450°C

  • Iron, the most common color palette.
  • Tyrian, to stand out the objects.
  • White hot. Suitable for outdoor and hunting etc.
  • Hottest. Suitable for tracing hottest objects, such as tunnel inspection.
  • Coldest. Suitable for air condition, water leakage etc.

Multimode Imaging Mode

  • Thermal imaging mode. All the pixels in the screen can be measured and analyzed.
  • Visible light mode to display as normal camera.
  • Outline fusion. Digital camera shows the objects edge to fusion with infrared, the users can inspect the thermal temperature and color distribution, also can check the visible details.
  • Overlay fusion. The thermal camera overlay part of visible camera color, to let the background more clear, to identify the environment easily.
  • PictureinPicture. To emphasize the central part thermal information. It can quickly switch visible and thermal image to find the defective points.

Image enhancement

All the color palettes have 3 different image enhancement modes to match different objects
and environments, the users can choose to display the objects or background details.

  • High contrast.
  • Legacy.
  • Smooth.

Flexible Temperature Measurement

  • DP22 support center point, hottest and coldest tracing.
  • Zone measurement
    Users can choose central zone temperature measurement, the hottest and coldest temperature only tracing in the zone. It can filter other area hottest and coldest point’s interference, and the zone area can be zoom in and out.

    (In the zone measurement mode, the right side bar will always display full screen highest and lowest temperature distribution.)
  • Visible temperature measurement
    It suitable for the normal person to measurement the temperature to find the object details.


Configure high and low temperature threshold, if the objects temperature is over the threshold, the alarm will display on the screen.


To enable the WiFi, the users can transfer the pictures to PCs and Android devices without cable.

(Also can use USB cable to copy the pictures to PCs and Android devices.)

Image Saving and Analysis

When take a picture, the camera will automatically save 3 frames into the picture files, the picture format is Tiff, it can be open and view by any picture tools run on Windows system, for example, below is 3 pictures,

  • The image users took, what you see is what you get.
  • Raw thermal image.
  • Visible image.

Analysis Software

After import the pictures into analysis software, the users can analyze the pictures
easily, it supports below features:

Filter the temperature by range. To filter the higher or lower temperature pictures, or filter the temperature inside some temperature range, to quickly filter some useless pictures. Such as filter the temperature lower than 70°C (158°F), only keep the alarm pictures.

  • Filter the temperature by temperature difference, such as only keep the temperature difference >10°C, or only keep abnormal temperature pictures.
  • Users not satisfy with the field pictures, they can analyze raw thermal frame in the software rather than go to field and take pictures again, so to increase the working efficiency. 
  • Support below measurement,
  • Point, Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Polygon analysis.
  • Analyzed on thermal and visible frame.
  • Output to other file formats. 
  • Output to be a report, the template can be customized by the users.

Product Package

The standard package including:

No. Item Quantity
1 DP-22 infrared thermal imaging camera 1pcs
2 Type-C USB Cable 1pcs
3 Lanyard 1pcs
4 User manual 1pcs



Parameter Specification







Infrared Thermal


Resolution 320×240
Frequency band 8~14um
Frame rate 9Hz
NETD 70mK@25°C (77°C)
Field of view Horizontal 56°, vertical 42°
Lens 4mm
Temperature range -20°C ~ 450°C (-4°F ~ 842°F)
Temperature measurement
±2°C or ±2%
Temperature measurement Hottest, coldest, central point, zone area
temperature measurement
Color palette Tyrian, white hot, black hot, iron, rainbow, glory,
Hottest, coldest


Resolution 640×480
Frame rate 25Hz
LED light Support



Display Resolution 320×240
Display Size 3.5 inch
Image mode Outline fusion, overlay fusion, picture-in-picture,
infrared thermal imaging, visible light









Working time 5000mah battery, up to 5 hours continuous use
Battery Charge Built-in battery, it is recommended to use +5V & ≥2A universal USB charger
WiFi Support App and PC software data transmission
Operating temperature -20°C~+60°C
Storage temperatura -40°C~+85°C
Waterproof and dustproof IP54
Camera Dimension 230mm x 100mm x 90mm
Net weight 420g
Package dimensión 270mm x 150mm x 120mm
Gross weight 970g





Capacity Built-in 8G card, store more than 50,000 pictures
Picture storage mode


Simultaneously save infrared thermal, digital and blending images
File format JPG and TIFF format, support full frame pictures temperature analysis
Image analysis Windows platform analysis software Provide professional analysis functions of full pixels temperature
Interface Data and charging interface USB Type-C(Support battery charging and data transmission)
Open interface Provide WiFi interface SDK for secondary development
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