ExScan1000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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ExScan1000 is an ultrasonic portable thickness tester intended for operational control of the thickness of the products and structural elements made of various materials. The device allows you to accurately measure the thickness of the object, even with one-sided access to it.

The device measures the thickness of products made of metals, plastic, composite materials, fiberglass. ExScan1000 is ergonomic and easy to use. This thickness gauge is simple and reliable in operation, displays the measurement result almost instantly and indicates the quality of an acoustic coupling during the measurement. Instrument control is intuitive and convenient. Large characters on the display and the screen backlight makes it easier to read the measurements results in bad weather.

The device is made in a protected housing with IP-65 degree of water and dustproof. Comfort for working with the device is also provided by a sealed membrane keyboard, resistant to oils, petrol and other contaminants. The battery of the device lasts for up to 200 hours of continuous operation.

Large characters on the backlit display make reading easy even in poor light conditions;
ExScan1000 can run up to 200 hours with a single battery pack;
Two point calibration and automatic measurement of ultrasonic wave propagation ensure high-precision results;
Display backlight can be turned On/Off to prolong the battery life;
Sealed membrane keypad that is resistant to oil and petroleum products with six tactile-feedback keys makes the instrument operation more comfortable;
Delivery set includes a plastic shoe to minimize an impact of hand warmth on measurements;
The instrument is compatible with a wide range of UT probes (transducers) to measure various ranges of thickness and shapes of objects under test.

Basic applications:
Thickness measurements for various materials;
Detection of corrosion pits;
Recognition of material laminations;
Search for thinned walls in a test item.

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