Jireh CIRC-IT Spare Parts Kit

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The CIRC-IT Spare Parts Kit includes various screws, links, wheel blocks, etc that compliment a CIRC-IT system.
Encoder Connector Style

Olympus OmniScan MX, Olympus OmniScan MX2/SX, Olympus OmniScan X3, Sonatest VEO/Prisma, Zetec Zircon/Topaz, TD Focus Scan, TD Handy Scan, M2M Gekko Molex, M2M Mantis / Gekko Lemo, Hi-Spec Systems iProbe, Hi-Spec Systems UltraPhase, Pragma Paut 16/128, Pragma Paut 32/128, Pragma UT400, Sonotron Isonic 25xx, Sonotron Isonic 35xx, GE Phasor XS / GE Mentor Single Axis, GE USM Vision, Zetec Dynaray, Olympus Epoch XT, Olympus Focus LT, Olympus 38DL+, Olympus Epoch 4, Olympus Epoch 650, Olympus Epoch 1000i, Starmans DIO1000, Athena Echo-3D, NDT Solutions Raptor, Zetec Quartz, Eddify Ectane 2, DolphiCam2, AOS OEM-PA/OEM-MC/FMC

Kit Contents


Wheel block x2
Long link
Medium link
Short link x2
Long latch
Short latch
Crossbar assembly, left
Crossbar assembly, right
CIRC-IT spare fasteners
Cable sleeving x2

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