Labino MidBeam 1.0 Midlight Handheld UV LED

Ultra compact and ultra light

Part # NM01LMB1.0 Category

The Labino MidBeam 1.0 is a lightweight and compact handheld lamp with a housing diameter of only 3.15 inches. The battery operated version weighs 1.23 pounds, making it easy to use on hard to reach inspection areas.

The MidBeam comes with 4 LEDs giving a consistent beam. They also come with a white light LED for after inspections. Power is achieved instantly upon start up and the light is controlled with a simple UV/OFF/White Light switch. With its mechanical cooling system, no fan is needed for cooling the lamp. The MidBeam is 100% UV-B free and emits next to no visible light due to its visible light filter. It is compliant with ASTM UV-A intensity and wavelength specifications for FPI and MPI. IP65 approved for dust and water jetting proof.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 in


  • Lightweight
  • Handheld – Allowing inspection of hard to reach places.
  • Instant operations with immediate full power.
  • Consistent beam of 4 LEDs and is 100% UV-B free.
  • No fan due to its mechanical cooling system.
Output Characteristics MidBeam (Standard Verison) MidBeam Aerospace
Intensity * > 4 500 μW/cm2 < 4 500 μW/cm2
Visible Light * <1 Lux / 0.09 fc <1 Lux / 0.09 fc
Beam >1 200 μW/cm2* Ø 200 mm (7.9 “) Ø 150 MM (5.9 “)
Ultraviolet LED Four Four
White Light LED One Zero

* At a distance of 38 cm (15″)

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