Leeb Hardness Tester Leeb190

Only by Request

New design, high precision Leeb190 Developed the “Users’ Material” function, the testing materials can be customized by users. It Greatly expands the range of application for the hardness tester, realize the testing for almost all of metal materials.

●High precision. according to the standard Leeb hardness tester technical conditions JB / T 9378-2001.

●Testing materials can be customized by user. test all metal materials.

●Large LCD screen,WINDOWS style display.

●The screen light can be adjusted, easy to use in dark conditions.

●USB interface, the software is convenient for data exchange, parameter setting, statistical analysis , and printing on PC.

●Easily switch to all hardness parameters (HL、HB、HRB、HRC、HRA、HV、HS).

●Can be equipped with and automatically identify 7 different probes.

●Storage: 600 groups of detail measuring data.

●High quality plastic shell, resistance to vibration, shock, and electromagnetic


●Low power consumption: automatic sleep and power off.

●Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, standby time 150 hours.

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