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D-70 is nonaqueous developer consisting of an absorbent powder suspended in a volatile solvent.

It is applied after the surface penetrant has been removed and the inspection surface dried. The developer particles will settle out upon standing, requiring agitation prior to application. The solvent action of this type of developer helps bring the penetrant to the surface enhancing the detectability of the finest flaws. This type of developer uses flammable solvents and should not be used in confined spaces or near open flames or sparks.

Nonaqueous inspection developer used with both fluorescent and visible penetrants

AMS-2644 Form “d” and “e” Developer

Listed on the Qualified Products List for AMS-2644.

Meets the requirements of: 

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • ASTM E-165
  • ASTM E-1417


  • Weld inspection in ship building and weld repairs.
  • Heat exchanger inspection,  in what is called the through leak method where penetrant is applied to one side and the D-70 to the other.
  • Automotive inspection in locating oil and gas leaks in engine components and hydraulic lines.
  • 3D laser scanning to reduce interference glare from shinier surfaces.
  • Installation of aircraft doors as a marker for fit adjustments.
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