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The NDT, CP160D is the lightest and most compact generator of the CPSERIES

The NDT, CP160D is the lightest and most compact generator of the CPSERIES. Featuring a built-in Beryllium window, it is the perfect generator for the inspection of light alloys such as aluminum, magnesium or fiber based materials like glass and carbon, as well as the greater thickness of steel. In fact, with its penetration capacity that is capable of reaching up to 37 mm of steel, the TELEDYNE SITEX CP160D is able to execute many different types of NDT tasks without the need to ever have to add extra accessories.

Unit Value
Radiation geometry Directional
Output voltage range kV 1 to 160
Tube current range mA 1 to 10
Tube current at full output mA 5.6
Max. power at the anode W 900
Constant power mode Yes
Working cycle at 30°C (*) % 100
Steel penetration (**) mm 29
Weight (excluding guard rings) Kg 11.9
Overall dimensions mm Ø 140 x 695
Leakage dose at 1 m at full output mSv/h < 2.0
Optical focal spot (EN12543) mm 3.0 (~1.5 IEC 336)
Max. useful angle ° 60 x 40 elliptical
Inherent filtration mm Be 0.8 (Be Window)
Waterproof level IP65
Operating temperature °C -30 to +60
Storage temperature °C -40 to +70
Built-in carrousel featuring 5 outputs Yes
Guard rings 2
(*) Open air – 5m/sec airstream
(**) 700 mm FFD, 10 min, AA400, D=2
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