Rail calibration block RS 001

OKOndt Rail calibration block RS 2353/1-8N-RAIL for ETS2-77

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The basic task of the eddy current nondestructive testing of railroad is to reveal head check cracking and to evaluate a damage depth in the gauge side of the rail head and the rail head running surface.

The RS 2353/1-8N-RAIL – a Rail Calibration Block made to calibrate the ETS2-77 scanner – a mechanized eddy current single rail line flaw detector in order to assure a consistent evaluation of depth of the rail head vertical damage and take a viable decision on the application of grinding machines or necessity of repairing works on the damaged rail section. This will highly increase the economical feasibility of the track maintenance.

The RS 2353/1-8N-RAIL Calibration Block made from the rail steel has 8 Electric Discharge Machined notches of 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm depth induced into it. This defect type enables to dully set-up all the ECPs used together with the ETS2-77 flaw detector.

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Carbon steel calibration block with welded joint that contains two EDM notches.




Defect parametersOverall dimensions, mm/in. 



Field of use

Length, mm/in.Width, mm/in.Depth, mm/in.
RS2353/1-2N-Fe/WLD7 / .280.25 / .011 / .04


125 x 100 x 8 /

5 x 4 x .3

Carbon steelOil and gas, chemical, power, transportation, engineering industries


RS — reference standard;

2353 — manufacturer company code;

/1 — number of sides with notches;

…N — number of notches;

WLD — welded joint;

FE/SST – material.

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