Surface MDF Type Probes Multi Differential 001

OKOndt Surface MDF-Type Probes (Multi-Differential)

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Surface MDF-Type Probes (Multi-Differential)

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The probe sensing element is located form the butt-end relative to the probe X-axis.


DesignationTip Ø ‘D’, mmLength, mmCentre frequencyConnectorMaterialDefects under paint coatingSubsurface defectsProtective housing
SS1.5M05DA05351,5 MHzLemo 04Fe/NFeup to 0.3 mm
SS650K06DA0635650 kHzFe/NFeup to 0.5 mm
SS400K07DA0735400 kHzFe/NFeup to 0.5 mm
SS400K08DA0835400 kHzFe/NFeup 0.5 mm
SS340K09DA0935340 kHzFe/NFeup to 1 mm+
SS170K13DA01335170 kHzFe/NFeup to 7 mm++
SS50K15DA0155050 kHzFe/NFeup to 9 mm+
SS25K33DA0335025 kHzFe/NFeup to 12 mm+




1. SS – probe for surface and subsurface defects detection.

2. Probe frequency:

HZ” designates the Hz range; “К” designates the kHz range; “М” designates the MHz range.

3. Probe tip diameter, mm.

4. Probe type designation “А”. “А” – Absolute.

5. Probe modification number.

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