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OKOndt SNK B-35 (L) Automated Ultrasonic

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The SNK B-35 (L) is designed to automatically detect inadmissible internal and external defects of the roll body (breaking of the continuity of the metal such as: reed mark, slag inclusion, crack, fold, cleavage, etc.) with the issuance of protocols on the usability.


  • The SNK B-35 (L) is integrated to the support of the roll-grinding machine, regardless of the type and manufacturer.
  • Online display of the position of the scanner in the real coordinate system of the grinding machine.

Calibration mode

  • Automatic splitting of the roll into test zones.
  • Automatic generation of AVG-diagrams for each zone, taking into account the attenuation rate.
  • Determining the level of the bottom echo signal drop below the fixation level for each zone.
  • Viewing the results of testing in the 3D display of the mill roll with the spatial location of the defects.


  • The testing is performed as a technological stage after machining, grinding both newly manufactured and repaired mill rolls directly at the machining station, without transshipment.
  • Extension of service life of the mill rolls repaired as per the inspection results.
  • Availability of remote on-line technical assistance service and technical support programs.
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