OKOndt Sonocon B Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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The Sonocon B belongs to the next generation of portable UT instruments. Using high-end electronics and having the richest set of modes and software features, it can solve any task that can be solved with a portable UT device.



  • Comfortable and Lightweight

The Sonocon B is a lightweight inspection system – only 0.95 kg (2 lbs). Due to its ergonomic shape and a hand strap, it can be quite comfortably operated with a single hand, which is particularly important in the field and especially at height. It can be used by both left- and right-handers. A high contrast display of optimal size and resolution (800×480) prevents the operator’s excessive eyestrain.

  • Powerful and Multifunctional

The Sonocon B is a digital UT tester combining 3 devices in 1:

  • a flaw detector,
  • an A-Scan thickness gauge,
  • a corrosion monitor

This is realized with the help of switchable software. In the “UT” version, the Sonocon B fulfils all functions of a powerful ultrasonic flaw detector necessary for its setup, defect search and their advanced evaluation. In the “Thickness gauge +” version it turns into an advanced A-Scan thickness gauge, which also can do corrosion mapping.

  • Usage in Harsh Environments

High contrast display allows working in direct sunlight. The operation temperature range is from –30°C to +50 °C (-22°F to 122°F). The flaw detector is resistant to ionizing radiation impact and is intended for operation in increased humidity conditions.

Three key features of portable ultrasonic flaw detector Sonocon B
Buttons of portable ultrasonic flaw detector Sonocon B
  • Easy-to-Use

The Sonocon B is highly user-friendly. Its interface philosophy can be stated as “Don’t browse menus, just push a button!”. All most frequently used functions are placed on its keyboard making them accessible in a single or a couple of button presses. This makes setup and evaluation procedures several times faster. A variety of built-in auto calibration procedures allow to perform fast and easy calibration with straight beam, angle beam and Rayleigh wave probes on standards or even test pieces.

To help new users get to know its interface, the Sonocon B offers a number of options:

  • Context backlight: In modes where a group of buttons is to be used, all relevant buttons are highlighted.
  • Menu item hints: All not trivial menu items show descriptions when activated (changed).
  • Menu presets: A user can choose one of 3 menu system presets:
    • Full: contains all menu items on 2 pages granting access to all UT instrument functions;
    • Simple1 & Simple 2: contain all basic functions on one page, grouped in a couple of menus. It is also possible to add any 3 or 4 extra menus from a Full Menu List.

Industrial applications:

Testing of equipment, e.g. of the lifting mechanisms.
Testing of metal works etc.
Testing of the mill rolls.
Equipment testing.
Selective acceptance testing etc.


Aircraft parts testing: landing gear, wheels, flaps, engines, aircraft body components etc.

Testing of the welded joints of the railcar parts, locomotives, cisterns, bridges and so on.
Corrosion thickness gauging and mapping.
Wheelsets testing (wheels and axles).
Testing of casing pipes and metal structures of the rigs and platforms.
Pipelines testing.
Thickness gauging–corrosion search and mapping.
Testing of machines and mechanisms parts.
Equipment testing.
Selective acceptance testing of the machines parts.
Spot welding testing etc.
Testing of the welded joints of the pipelines, vessels, nozzles, power generation plant equipment.
Testing of machines and mechanisms parts.
Thickness gauging of turbine blades.
Thickness gauging–corrosion search and mapping, etc.

General “UT” Version

Size 4.5”
Resolution 800×480
Probe connectors 2 × BNC or
2 × LEMO-1 or
2 × LEMO-00
Analog output Alarm
USB1 Type A
Types Spike + Square Wave (SWP)
Voltage (SWP) 50 V, 100 V,
150 V, 200 V,
250 V, 300 V,
400 V
Energy (SWP) 20 ns to 1000ns with 10 ns step Manual & Auto modes
Voltage (Spike) Low: 50 V,
High: 300 V
PRF modes Comfort, Low,
Medium, High,
PRF from 15 to 6000 Hz
Phantoms control 3 modes
Range (at steel longitudinal wave) 314 in(8 000 mm )
Gain 0 to110 dB,
with 0.1 dB step
Max signal input 20 V p-p
Bandwidth 0.2 MHz – 27 MHz
Filters 0.2-27 MHz,
0.2-10 MHz,
2.0-21.5 MHz,
8.0-26.5 MHz,
0.5-4 MHz,
0.2-1.2 MHz,
1.5-8.5 MHz,
5-15 MHz,
0.4 MHz,
0.5 MHz,
1 MHz,
1.25 MHz,
2 MHz,
2.25 MHz,
2.5 MHz,
3.5 MHz,
4 MHz,
5 MHz,
7.5 MHz,
10 MHz,
15 MHz,
20 MHz
Filters set choice
Rectification RF, FW, Pos. HW,
Neg. HW
TCG (TVG) 110 dB;
up to 110 dB/μs slope
Signal Average OFF / 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x / 32x / 64x
Reject (cutoff) 0-80% FSH
Number of gates 2
Number of cursors 2
Modes 1, 2, C1, C2, 1-2, 1-C1, 1-C2, 2-C1, 2-C2, C1-C2
TOF Modes Peak, Edge (Flank)
Amplitude measurement up to 220% FSH
Units mm / in / us
Output fields 5
Number of gates 2
Number of levels 3
Flaws evaluation
DAC: Number of points 128
EN 1712, EN 1713,
EN1714, JIS Z3060,
GB11345, GB 4730
Custom DAC curves up to 6
DAC 20-80
Datasets (with A-Scans)
Capacity 2 GB (up to 64 GB)
PC software
Other Features
Coupling control
AGC independent for both gates
Quick calibration
Quick evaluation (Best signal catch)
Auto XX % (50% or 80%)
Reference gain
Peak hold (collect, peak memory)
Signals compare
Smart zoom
Choice of menu systems Full
Simple 1
Simple 2
Keyboard backlight
Smart (Context) keyboard backlight
Number of keyboard shortcuts2 41
Dimensions 9.5×4.4×5.3″(241×112×135 mm)
Weight incl. battery 2 lbs (0.95 kg)
Operating temp. range -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
Dust & water protection IP65
Battery life 8 h
Replaceable battery
1 USB Type A (aka Host or Master) allows connecting external devices (a USB stick, a mouse, etc).


“Thickness gauge +” version

Type Square Wave (SWP)
Autofit of the pulser parameters to the chosen probe Voltage,
Measurement frequency (readings refresh rate) 1 to 100 Hz
PRF mode Auto (Calculated from set readings refresh rate, accounting for averaging rate)
Range (at steel longitudinal wave) 314 in (8 000 mm)
AGC Individual to reach at 2 gates
AGC Modes OFF / Edge / Peak
AGC Max Gain Modes High, Medium, Low, Manual, Off
Auto filters choice (according to the probe type)
Sound velocities range .01 to .629 in/µs(250 to 16000 m/s )
Measurement range .016 to .629 in (0.4 to 16 000 mm)
Readings resolution .001 / .01 / .1 in (0.01 / 0.1 / 1 mm)
Number of gates 2
Modes 1, 1-2
TOF Modes Edge, Edge Zero Crossing
Units mm / in
Min & Max capture mode
Differential mode
% of wear mode
Temperature compensation
Acquisition of a:

  • Thickness B-Scan
  • Thickness C-Scan

Measurements on the previously acquired:

  • Thickness B-Scan
  • Thickness C-Scan

Alarm & Display
Alarm types Min, Max, Min&Max
Coupling loss alarm
Last reading (in coupling loss)
Cursor (Detect Line)
Thickness B-Scan
Thickness C-Scan
Multidimensional files: Browsing
Multidimensional files: File Statistics
Multidimensional files Meas. Site Statistics
Zeroing in the air
Zeroing on a built-in block
Multidimensional structured files 1-3 dim
Number of readings per file Up to 100 000
Number of files format 6
Data attachments Comments,
Thickness B-Scans,
Thickness C-Scans,
Capacity 2 GB (up to 64 GB)
PC software
Other Features
Keyboard backlight
Smart (Context) keyboard backlight
Smart zoom
Number of keyboard shortcuts2 29
2 Number of instrument functions one can access with a couple of button presses.
This product has no accessories.
This product does not have software options.
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