OKOndt TUZ-5 portable manual ultrasonic thickness gauge

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ТUZ-5 portable manual ultrasonic thickness gauge is intended for on-the-fly measurement of thickness of products made from different materials and sound velocity measurement with one-sided access to them.


The thickness gauge is applied in various industries for measuring the wall thickness of tanks, pipes, structure parts, metal sheets and so on, including the ones with corroded surfaces, during their manufacture and in-service.

ТUZ-5 thickness gauge advantages:

  • Small weight;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • wide range of testing thicknesses;
  • great duration of continuous operation;
  • automatic probe zero calibration.
Range of measuring thicknesses 0.6-300 mm
Weight of the thickness gauge with one probe 0.3 kg
Overall dimensions of the thickness gauge 64х89х36 mm
Time of operating mode setup 10 s
Time of continuous operation 20 hours
Sealing protection level IР 64
Temperature mode minus 30…+50 ˚С
Thickness gauge features
  • case is made of metal;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • possibility of thickness gauge fastening on the hand.

Metrological performance:

Admissible absolute error ΔН ± (0.1 + 0.005×Hx) mm
Admissible relative error δC ± 1.5 %
Admissible additional error at the surface roughness of Rz=320 µm ± 0.2 mm
Admissible additional error at the surface curvature radius of R=30 mm ± 0.1 mm

Probes for thickness gauge:

Ultrasonic double crystal probes for manual thickness gauges:

Designation Operating frequency, МHz Operating range of thickness measurement, mm Dimensions of working surface, mm Overall dimensions of probes, mm
P112-10-6/2-Т-003 10±1 0.6 – 20 9 22х39
P112-5-10/2-Т-003 5±0.5 1 – 100 14 22х42
P112-2.5-12/2-Т-003 2.5±0.25 3 – 300 16 24х42
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