PH Tool “FAST” UT Sizing Block

Part # NMFASTSIZ.CS Category Tag

This block contains (4) 1/32″ diameter thru-holes located at 0.100, 0.200, 0.300, and 0.400″ from the scanning surface with corresponding beam exit marks for 70° engraved on both sides. Also contains (2) EDM notches at 0.050 and 0.100″ deep x 0.011″ wide x 0.500″ long. In accordance with PH Dwg No. 10539 Rev. 1.

Include Dimensional Report

No, Yes

Include Case

None, Wood Case

  • Dimensions: 0.500″ x 1.000″ x 12.000″
  • Made from ASTM A516 Grade 70 Steel. (Blocks can be made in most alloys, including exotics.
  • Fitted wooden storage case optional.
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