PH Tool Ketos Ring (AS5282 Ring)

The Ketos Ring is used to check overall performance of the magnetic particle examination system.

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The Ketos Ring is 5″ in diameter and 0.875″ thick, with a 1¼” diameter center hole. The block includes (12) thru-holes at 0.070″ diameter and distances of 0.070, 0.140, 0.210, 0.280, 0.350, 0.420, 0.490, 0.560, 0.630, 0.700, 0.770, and 0.840″ from the OD surface.

Include Case

None, Wood Case

Each block has a Certification Report that includes:

  • Material Test Report showing ring machined from AISI O-1 Tool Steel.
  • Certification stating ring has been heat-treated to a fully-annealed state after manufacture to SAE-AS5282.
  • As-built hardness reported in Rockwell “B”.
  • Individualized field leakage plot showing relationship between field strength and hole measurement distance.
  • Dimensionally certified to MIL-STD-1949A, ASTM E1444, McDonnell Douglas P.S. 21201, DPS 4.704, and SAE-AS5282.

Optional Hardwood Storage Case available.

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