PH Tool Pipe Calibration Block (Conventional UT)

Part # NMASMEPIPE4343 Category

PH Tool manufactures hundreds of these ASME Angle Beam Blocks every year. A calibration block should be a section of pipe of the same nominal size, schedule, heat treatment, and material specification as the material being examined. PH Tool maintains a large inventory of raw material for the machining of these standards, or they can be made from customer-supplied material as well.

ASME Angle Beam Calibration Blocks contain (4) EDM notches (axial and circumferential on both OD and ID) at a depth of 8-11% of nominal wall thickness x 1/4″ max wide (most notches are approximately .020 – .030″ wide) x 1.000″ min long. Blocks 4″ NPS and smaller are left at 360°, while blocks over 4″ are milled to an 8″ arc section. All blocks are 8″ in axial length, or 8T, whichever is greater. Made in accordance with ASME Section V Article 4 Figure T-434.3. In small quantities, blocks can be shipped in approximately 1 week, with rush options always available. Larger quantities will take longer, however we’re happy to do partial shipments.

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