SoniX UT

SoniX UT™ SX1: 1 gallon/3.8 liter cubitainer, one refillable bottle

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SoniX™ provides a strong, lubricious, water-soluble coupling film as a universal ambient temperature NDT ultrasonic couplant.


Strong ultrasonic coupling film strength. 

Slow drying for extended inspection time.

Adheres well to vertical and overhead surfaces without resorting to gel-like viscosity (which often snowplows).

Superior transducer lubricant that will extend transducer life in flaw detection applications.

Reduced surface tension; provides fast wetting.

Broad operating temperature range: 18°F to 120°F (-8°C to 50°C) for most flaw detection and thickness gaging applications.

Good ferrous corrosion inhibition; compatible with most metals, plastics and composites.

Completely salt stable; will not thin with corrosion, marine environment or highway infrastructure subjected to de-icing salts.

Safety: no formaldehyde; environmentally benign.

Environment and operator friendly – no formaldehydes, nitrates or nitrites.


Med. Viscosity: 40,000 cps LVT Spindle 4 @ 6 rpm

pH: 8 nominal at 20°C.

Operating Temperature: 18°F to 120°F (-8°C to 50°C) for most flaw detection and thickness gaging applications.

Halogens and Sulfur: less than 50 ppm.

ASTM F519, conforms: ASTM F519 describes mechanical test methods and defines acceptance criteria for exposure to chemicals encountered in Service Environments, such as fluids, cleaning treatments or maintenance chemicals including ultrasonic couplants that come in contact with the plated/coated or bare surface of the steel.

This test method provides a means by which to detect possible hydrogen embrittlement of steel parts (plated/coated or bare) due to contact with chemicals during manufacturing, overhaul and service life.

Removal: Wash with water or wipe with paper or cloth rag before couplant dries. If couplant has dried,
pressure wash or use brush and running water

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