UCI Hardness Tester alphaDUR II SPS

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UCI Hardness Tester alphaDUR II SPS

UCI Hardness Tester for testing of metals e.g. on machine parts, weldseams, coatings and hardened parts inclusive hard-to-reach places and in any direction. With the SPS-Option the alphaDUR II can be integrated in a fully automated hardness testing.

  • Fast and easy hardness testing
  • Clear user interface with function keys
  • Measuring method according to DIN 50159 and ASTM A1038
  • Robust metal casing
  • Individual material calibrations
  • Extensive storage and statistical functions
  • Applicable for automated measurements

The alphaDUR II has proved it‘s worth as a reliable and versatile hardness tester since many years. It can be employed from simple manual measurements to fully automated production testing.
The operation of the alphaDUR II is very easy because all information is shown on the large display. Hardness scale and material can quickly be changed by context-sensitive function keys.
Due to the UCI measuring method measurements can be done fast and accurate. The measured value is displayed directly after the test load has been applied. A test load between 0.3 (HV 0.3) and 10 kg (HV 10) can be chosen depending on the application and the sample surface.

Measuring prodcedure Modified Vickers hardness according to the UCI testing procedure, with Vickers diamond 136° according to DIN 50159, ASTM A 1038-05 and VDI/VDE Guidelines 2616. The Measuring of the intendation is done under test load.
Test load 10, 20, 30, 49 or 98 N, depending on the UCI probe
Testing materials Preferably metals, material calibrations can be saved in the device. Testings on glass, ceramic and plastic are possible if reference measurements for calibration are performed. Minimum thickness for steel: approx. 5 mm
Hardness scale HRC, HV, HB, HRB and tensile strength
Display 3,5“colour LCD 320 x 240 pixels
Data memory 32MB Flash memory for approx. 512,000 data records with changeable classification in groups. Storage of date, time and GOOD/BAD rating
Statistics Average value, minimum, maximum, standard deviation absolute and relative
Interface USB-Slave for connection to the PC, 2x USB-Master, 100Base-TX (Ethernet), RS-232
Power supply / battery charge 100 – 240 V AC NiMH-Battery: 4,8 V / 2700 mAh
Operating hours Battery life approx. 7 h, Loadingtime approx. 3 h
Languages German, English, Russian
Temperature range Operation: 0°C to 50°C, Storage: -20°C to 70°C
Dimensions 198 x 160 x 78 mm (H/W/D) / Probe: Ø 19,5 mm, Length175 mm
Weight Device 1400 g, Probe 190 g

UCI Hardness Tester alphaDUR II SPS

  • Certified UCI hardness test blocks (Ø 90x16mm)
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