Adelix ADL-MS32 Vibration Analyser

ADL-MS32 – vibration measurement and analysis on the 1st channel, rotational speed measurement and balancing possibility.

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ADL-MS32 – vibration measurement and analysis on the 1st channel, rotational speed measurement and balancing possibility.

It can be used to diagnose various types of machines and mechanisms such as pumps, compressors, fans, electric motors and others.

ADL-MS32 allows you to measure vibration parameters such as amplitude, frequency, speed, acceleration, etc. Using this data, you can determine the condition of the equipment and identify possible problems associated with its operation.

The device can also be used to measure the speed of mechanisms and carry out balancing. This allows you to determine how correctly and efficiently the equipment is working and reduce the likelihood of equipment failure.

The ADL-MS32 has a compact and user-friendly design that allows it to be used in a variety of environments and locations. In addition, the device has high measurement accuracy and reliability.

Built-in software makes the instrument easy and reliable to use, allowing easy data management and reporting.

Vibration measurement with a vibrometer is quick and without the need for preparatory work.

Vibration values measured at different points in time (for example, after a month) can be used to predict the increase in vibration and plan the timing of the next repairs. This can result in cost savings compared to scheduled repairs.

The measured values of the vibration analyzer can be used to diagnose defects in the unit using the spectral analysis of the signal. For example, key and “defective” lines on the spectrum can be used to determine the state of bearings, imbalance, misalignment and other defects.

The devices are widely used for real-time monitoring of the mechanical condition of equipment during operation, diagnostics, maintenance, and repair of various types of equipment, including bearings, gears, turbines, generators, fans, pumps, rotors, distribution installations, ball mills, rolling mills, reducers, conveyors, engines, blowers, and more. They can be used to monitor both entire structures and individual components.

The ADL-MS series vibration analyzers find application in various industries, including metallurgy, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, light and defense industries, thermal and nuclear power engineering, as well as in the maintenance of equipment for agricultural complexes, housing and communal services, and transport.

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The device provides a number of advantages that make it a useful and effective tool for monitoring and diagnosing equipment:

  • Measurement of vibration velocity, vibration displacement and vibration acceleration, which allows obtaining complete information about the vibration state of the equipment.
  • Spectral analysis of vibration (fast Fourier transform) to determine the types of defects, which allows you to accurately determine the cause of vibration.
  • Analysis of the time signal to obtain information about the duration of vibration pulses and fractional frequencies.
  • Display RMS and peak vibration values for accurate vibration status.
  • Optical tachometer for measuring rotational speed, which simplifies the process of measuring equipment parameters.
  • Determining the phase angle to obtain information about the temporal characteristics of vibration.
  • Acceleration/Coasting measurement to obtain information about the dynamic characteristics of the equipment.
  • Dynamic balancing in the supports (up to 4 correction planes), which increases the accuracy of measurements and improves equipment performance.
  • Possibility to obtain vibration trends using specialized software, which allows early detection of deviations from the norm and take measures to prevent breakdowns.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for offline operation.
    Easy and intuitive control, which simplifies the process of working with the device.
  • Dust and moisture-proof design of the keyboard, display and connectors to protect the device from external factors.
    The bright display for convenience of work with the device in various lighting conditions.

The introduction of vibration meters of the ADL series at enterprises can significantly increase the reliability and extend the life of the equipment. With the ability to measure vibration velocity, vibration displacement, and vibration acceleration, as well as conduct vibration spectrum analysis, it is possible to detect elevated vibration levels in a timely manner and take corrective action before an emergency occurs.

Thus, the introduction of vibrometers makes it possible to eliminate the risk of emergency situations and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise. This reduces the cost of unforeseen repairs and downtime, which in turn increases the profit of the enterprise.

In addition, the ability to obtain trends in vibration changes using specialized software allows for predictive analysis and planning of preventive maintenance on equipment. This approach allows not only to avoid unforeseen breakdowns, but also to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance.

Thus, the introduction of vibration meters of the ADL series in enterprises can improve the reliability and extend the life of equipment, eliminate the risk of accidents and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise, timely detect and eliminate an increased level of vibration, and increase profits by reducing the cost of unforeseen repairs and downtime.

Number of vibration channels1
Speed sensor channels+
Measure temperature
Frequency range1…10000 Hz
Vibration acceleration measurement rangeup to 200 m/s2
Vibration velocity measurement rangeup to 200 mm/s
Displacement measurement range (peak-to-peak)up to 2000 um
Accuracyup to5%
Possibility of balancing+
Temperature measuring range
Speed measuring range10…200000 rpm
FFT spectral analysis400, 800, 1600 lines in the spectrum
Memory4 GB
PC connection and chargingUSB
Displaycolor, 128×160 pixels
BatteryBuilt-in, LiPo
Terms of Usefrom 0°C to 50°C humidity up to 80%
Overall dimensions132 x 70 x 33mm
Weight150 g

Delivery set:

  • ADL-MS display unit;
  • Accelerometer;
  • 1.5m cable for vibration sensor;
  • Magnet for fixing vibration sensor;
  • Optical tachometer for measuring rotation speed, magnetic base (ADL-MS 30, ADL-MS32 versions);
  • Temperature sensor built into the probe (ADL-MS30 version);
  • Network USB charger;
  • USB cable;
  • Flash drive with software (or software installed in the device memory);
  • User manual;
  • Carrying case
This product has no accessories.
This product does not have software options.
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