About Nomo

We are a distributor and industrial representative of international brands for the sectors of Non Destructive Testing, Heat Treatments, and Welding Equipment and Consumables.

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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a procedure used to examine or inspect materials and components to locate surface and subsurface defects so that these materials are examined without changing or destroying their original structure or design. NDT plays a crucial role in everyday life.


Support the sustainability and growth of our customers by providing reliable and timely supply of nondestructive testing products, welding and heat treatment. We have strong relationships with our manufacturers and vendors allowing us to offer excellent quality, support, variety and availability of products that exceed the expectations of our customers.


To be a reliable world-class organization, valued by its customers and recognized as an excellent supplier of nondestructive testing products, welding and heat treatment with a presence in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why dow we do it?

We do this to cover and satisfy the needs of our clients and the different industries they serve.

How do we do it?

With the years of experience that our team of professionals has in the different areas, helping our clients to obtain the best products, of a high quality and fulfilling the requirements of their needs.

What do we do?

We are a company dedicated to the sale of Non-Destructive Testing, Welding and Heat Treatment products.

Our Divisions

UT Equipment -Flaw detector and Phased Array -TOFD - Thickness Gage - UV Lamps - Hardness Testers- Coating Thickness Gage - Survey Meters- Personal Alarms - Dosimeters - Magnetic Yoke Magnetic Particles Portable and Static Equipment - Digital X - Ray Equipment - X-Ray Film Digitizer - CR and DR Systems - Densitometers - Film Printers.

Welding Equipments: Diesel, Gasoline, and Electric Welding. — Consumables and Accessories: Welding Electrodes - Inspection Gages - Ground Clamps - Electro holders - Gloves and helmets - Welding Cables.

Equipos de tratamiento térmico (resistencia e inducción), calentadores mate, termopares, etc. — Suministros industriales: METALES (barras, láminas, placas, tuberías, etc.), válvulas (caudal, aguja, etc.) - Juntas industriales - Mangueras Flanches Accesorios - Uniones de martillo - Uniones integrales - Manómetros - Manómetros - Termómetros - Termómetros Rotación Uniones.

Helping your growth

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