ayData NDT Archive for HPX Digital Systems


Seamlessly integrating this powerful combination delivers a fast, easy, secure and reliable archive solution for NDT.

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As industrial digital radiography continues to grow, so does the demand for the secure storage and easy retrieval of valuable commercial images.

That’s why Carestream NDT and ayData, two global providers of NDT DICONDE data management, are partnering, combining Carestream HPX digital image acquisition products with the ayData NDT archive.

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A powerful indexed DICONDE archive solution for Non-Destructive Testing images and information.
The ayData NDT archive delivers a complete, scalable and flexible indexed Digital Imaging and Communication in Non-Destructive Evaluation (DICONDE) archive solution for non-destructive testing (NDT) images and information. With high performance features, the ayData NDT archive can improve the workflow in any environment where reliability, quality, and security are of key importance.

Powerful Performance
ayData NDT archive’s advanced indexing technologies provide fast, efficient, reliable and secure storage, retrieval, and validation of DICONDE images. Utilizing a central database, searching by component, date, or inspector has never been easier. By leveraging the ayData NDT archive you now have a central digital “film vault” of all historical inspection data and records at your fingertips. Pre-inspection planning can easily reference prior inspection data and post-imaging analysis and reporting can be done by a central experts group and “in context”.

Works in Any Environment
Ideal for robust on-site, multi-site, and off-site implementations, the ayData NDT archive works in any environment where there is a need for fast, efficient, reliable, and secure storage and retrieval of DICONDE images and information. Key industry applications include:

Oil & Gas

Easy to Integrate
ayData NDT archive’s vendor agnostic, modular, and scalable architecture enables compatibility and quick and easy integration with DICONDE hardware and NDT technology.

Minimal System Requirements

Hardware Option

Dell PowerEdge server
Intel Xeon Processors
1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet support

Virtualization Option

VMware ESXi 5.5 U1 or newer
Intel Xeon Processor based host
Minimum 18GB host RAM
Redundant SAN storage with RDM LUN support

Advanced, Easy to Use Features Deliver Outstanding Results

Audit Logging

Track all activity including image incoming storage, retrieval, send out, modify, and delete requests in complete process-independent logs.

Easy to use

Easily and instantly search tags like component name, part number, inspection date and more utilizing our central database backed “index”. No need to worry about confusing and complex naming conventions and/or folder storage. ayData NDT image archive’s “one click to query” is fast and efficient.


Manages multiple long-term storage solutions and can scale to grow with your archival storage needs
Simplified multi-modal information sharing across the any number of end-users

Industry Standard

DICONDE E07.11 compliant non-proprietary solution for digitally storing and retrieving NDT images and information.

Meta data Editing

Fix data entry mistakes on the server without requiring a separate QA workstation
No tainting of capture timestamps when making changes

Native JPEG-Lossless

Enables storage space savings without compromising image quality or integrity.

Compression Related Scans

Immediately receive prior test images for the same component delivered direct to the inspection workstation without the need to search.


Scalable storage either directly attached or via Storage Area Network (SAN) for large corporate IT deployments
Can grow simply without the need to copy data when you are ready to expand
Server ‘role’ based-processes for large deployments
Powerful and petabyte scalable WORM storage with the SilentCube option


ayData meets with you to develop a customized solution to fit into your current/future NDT environment.
Turnkey Installation
ayData will thoroughly plan and prepare for the install before arriving on-site, so you are ensured of a smooth and timely installation.

Vendor Agnostic

Enables compatibility with other DICONDE hardware and software for quick and easy integration.

Virtual Archiving

Segregate data into different silos for group or division isolation with different access requirements based on a programmable rule set.

VPN Encryption

Keeps data traffic secure between sites. With the optional automatic off-site data storage, you can safely duplicate data for disaster recovery and other applications.

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