CARESTREAM INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software Version 5.2


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Our Industrex Digital Viewing Software incorporates industry-leading image analysis tools, file sharing and storage management features. Our modular architecture is an all-in-one software suite that eliminates the need to purchase costly add-on modules for both CR and DR image acquisition. DICONDE compliant, the software complies with industry standards for image storage, retrieval, and transmission. Plus, upgrades are included over the life of your capture device, eliminating the expense of purchasing upgrades and ensuring you have the latest features and functionality.

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Version 5.2 sets the bar for a higher level of image processing and resolution that will increase accuracy in analysis with enhanced defect detectability
Versatile software that includes all modules for CR, DR and data
Tools that simplify use from experienced users to casual operators
Image process automation tools streamline image analysis time for higher throughput


Improved defect detectability with EDGE Display enhancements for both CR and DR
Preset EDGE Display Filters based on settings found to be most useful in practice – view images with increased detail and clarity applied automatically as needed
Custom EDGE Filter tool for pre-set image adjustment parameters
Despeckle display filter to remove white dust specks from CR images
Reference object calibration tool
Wall thickness with variance tool
Automatic resolution calculation with the15 element duplex wire gauge
Freehand annotation tool
3-box contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) tool
Automatic region of interest size for signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) tool
Single wire duplex wire measurement tool
Tool bar configuration can be copied across systems
Smart-Erase improvements
Batch image and metadata editing improved throughput allowing for easy changes
As viewed 8-bit images are full size as viewed (not negative)
Lite software is included for no charge for end user viewing of production images


One-click image processing
Configurable tool bar simplifies operation by only enabling the functionality required that is specific to your work
Split-screen capability to compare multiple images
Measurement tool for overall dimensions, defect size, wall thickness, etc.
Thumbnail image retrieval system for quick selection
Zoom, magnify, rotate and pan functions
Auto file-save option – automatically scan and store images quickly, local metadata store for keyword searching
Ability to create and lock annotations for security
Advanced user display preference settings
Display DDL on plots
Sticky tools
Window and level adjustment with indicator
Navigation thumbnail
True size image display


Automatic file history tracks who used the file last and any changes made to the original
Computer and software easily connects to an existing Windows network
Remote access via customers’ network to share files worldwide
Built-in capability to save files to CD, DVD, flash drive
Batch file export function
Single or batch erase
Image acquisition:
Acquire from the INDUSTREX HPX-1PlusCR, HPX-PRO or HPX-DR Reader
Acquire via an Array™ 2905/2905HD Digitizer
Acquire images from other DICONDE file source

HP z440 M4000
WINDOWS 10 Professional 64, XEON E5-1620v3 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA QUADRO M4000–8.0 GB, 2000 GB 7200 SATA RAID mirrored HD

HP zBook 17 Generation 3 (SIPP)
WINDOWS 10 Professional 64, CORE i7-6820HQ Gen3 2.7GHx, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA QUADRO M3000M-4.0 GB, 1000 GB 7200 HD

Diva 3 MP Color – Model: GUP2103CMI (or equal)
Diva 5 MP Monochrome – Model: ZSP2105CMI (or equal)

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CARESTREAM INDUSTREX Desktop System w/3MP Color Monitor
Catalog Number: 1008911

Same System as above w/Transport Case(s)
Catalog Number: 1012061

CARESTREAM INDUSTREX Desktop System w/5MP Monochrome Monitor
Catalog Number: 1008986

Same System as above w/Transport Case(s)
Catalog Number: 1012087

Catalog Number: 1008952

Same System as above w/Transport Case
Catalog Number: 1012145

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