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DAKOTA ULTRASONICS CMX Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The CMX v2.0 has all features of the ZX gauges with a ton of advanced features. Measure material and coating thickness simultaneously, while still detecting pits & flaws in a single mode (PECT). Auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation are also included. Selectable Large Digits and B-Scan display options, up to 64 custom user definable setups, selectable transducer table for precision linearity, and material and coating calibration options are also available.

Our standard thru paint mode is is still included and ongoing. Switch between modes, according the transducer recognized or manually selected. 5 position 12dB gain switch allows the user to adjust to certain material types and be successful with common but difficult application scenarios. A built-in TDG (time dependent gain) feature is incorporated into our transducer list for use with attenuative materials. This gauge is really loaded with a ton of features and added benefits. It’s all very nicely packaged in a small portable aluminum extrusion for extra durability. USB-C connectivity, 4gb internal SD memory with file system. Screen capture to .tif. Our DakView java-based PC or MAC OSX software is also part of the kit.

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ELECTRONIC PLATFORM (What’s inside the box):


  • Powered by a 100MHz DSP platform using FPGA technology.
  • Two Channels – Dual pulsers and receivers.
  • Up to 250Hz pulse repetition rate.
  • Display update rate of 25 times per second.
  • Adjustable gain (40 to 52 dB) – vlow, low, med, hi, vhi.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC).
  • Time dependent gain (TDG).
  • 4 gigabyte Internal SD memory card.


  • Measurement modes: Pulse-Echo, Pulse-Echo w/Coating, Pulse-Echo w/Temperature Compensation, Echo-Echo, Echo-Echo verify, & Coating Only.
  • Automatic: probe zero, probe recognition, and temperature compensation.
  • Stores up to 64 custom setups for specific applications.
  • High Speed Scan of up to 250 readings per second.
  • Audible/visual alarm with hi and lo limit settings.
  • Built-in differential mode for QC inspections.
  • Time based B-Scan feature for cross section material scans.
  • Data storage formats: Alpha numeric grid and sequential w/auto identifier.
  • Windows PC or MAC OSX software included.
  • 2 year limited warranty.[/toggle]

  • Weight: 13.5 ounces (with batteries).
  • Size: 2.5 W x 6.5 H x 1.24 D inches (63.5 W x 165 H x 31.5 D mm).
  • Operating Temperature: -14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C).
  • Keyboard: Membrane switch with twelve tactile keys.
  • Case: Extruded aluminum body with nickel-plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed).
  • Data Output: USB-C port. Windows® PC interface software.
  • Display: 1/8 in. VGA grayscale display
  • (240 x 160 pixels). Viewable area 2.4 x 1.8 in. (62 x 45.7mm).
  • EL backlit (on/off/auto).

Ultrasonic Specifications

  • Measurement Modes: Coating Off: Pulse-Echo (P-E)
  • Coating On: Pulse-Echo Coating (PECT)
  • Temp Comp: Pulse-Echo (PETP)
  • Thru-Paint: Echo-Echo (E-E)
  • Thru-Paint Verify: Echo-Echo Verify (E-EV)
  • Coating Only: Coating (CT)
  • Pulser: Dual square wave pulsers.
  • Receiver: Dual receivers – manual or AGC gain control with 110dB range (limited).
  • Timing: Precision TCXO timing with single shot 100MHz 8 bit ultra low power digitizer.

Power Source

  • Line Power: USB to PC or power outlet.
  • Three 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad AA cells.
  • Alkaline: grayscale 35 hrs, color 12 hrs.
  • Nicad: grayscale 10 hrs, color 5 hrs.
  • NI-MH: grayscale 35 hrs, color 12 hrs.
  • Power saving DIM (color), Auto power off if idle 5 min.
  • Battery status icon.

  • Range: Pulse-Echo Mode (P-E): (Pit&Flaw Detection) measures from 0.025 48.0 inches (0.63 to 1219.2 millimeters).
  • Pulse-Echo Coating Mode (PECT): (Material, Coating, Pit & Flaw Detection): Material: 0.025 to 48.0 inches (0.63 to 1219.2 millimeters). Coating: 0.001 to 0.100 inches (0.01 to 2.54 millimeters).
  • Pulse-Echo Temp Comp Mode (PETP): (Pit&Flaw Detection) Auto temperature compensation – measures from 0.025 48.0 inches (0.63 to 1219.2 millimeters).
  • Echo-Echo Mode (E-E): Thru Paint & Coatings) measures from 0.100 to 6.0 inches (2.54 to 152.4 millimeters). Range will vary +/- depending on the coating.
  • Echo-Echo Mode (E-EV): Thru Paint & Coatings) measures from 0.050 to 1.0 inches (1.27 to 25.4 millimeters). Will vary based on coating.
  • Coating Only Mode (CT): (Coating Thickness) Measures from 0.0005 to 0.100 inches (0.0127 to 2.54 millimeters). Range will vary +/- depending on the coating.
  • Resolution: +/- .001 inches (0.01 mm)
  • Velocity Range: .0122 to .7300 in./ms (309.88 to 18542 meters/sec)
  • Calibration: Single and Two point calibration option for material & coating, or selection of basic material types.
  • Units: English & Metric


  • Display Views: Large Digits Standard thickness view. Digit Height: 0.700 in (17.78 mm).
  • B-Scan – Time based cross section view. Display speed of 15 secs per screen.
  • Scan Bar 6 readings per second. Viewable in B-Scan and Large Digit views.
  • Repeatability Bar Graph Bar graph indicates stability of reading.
  • Feature Status Bar – Indicates features currently active.
Memory(CMX DL) 

  • Log Formats: Grid (alphanumeric)
    Sequential (auto identifier)
  • Capacity: 4 Gb internal SD card.
  • Screen Capture: Bitmap graphic capture for quick documentation (.tif).
  • OBSTRUCT to indicate inaccessible locations.


  • Output: Direct USB-C 1.1 PC connectivity.
  • Transducer Connections: Two LEMO 00 connectors.


  • Transducer Types: Dual Element (1 to 10 MHz).
  • Locking quick disconnect “00” LEMO connectors.
  • Standard 4 foot cable.
  • Custom transducers and cable lengths available for special applications.


  • Factory calibration traceable to NIST & MIL-STD-45662A.
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This product does not have software options.
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