DMQ QH7 L HEAVY-DUTY Leeb Hardness Tester

Rebound Hardness tester “Leeb”

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Our QH7 HEAVY-DUTY Leeb hardness testers use DMQ impact devices with CalTag technology so that you don’t have to calibrate the unit when changing devices and GyroTag technology so that the impact angle is automatically recognized.

All QH7 models include rechargeable batteries and a Data Logger to store 32000+ measurements that can be transferred to a PC via Bluetooth o USB using DMQ DataCenter software.


QH7 C, QH7 L, QH7 U


  • Impact rebound method (Leeb)
  • Resolution +/- 1HL
  • Accuracy +/- 4HL
    (0.5% at 800HL)
    Depending on material being tested

Impact Devices

  • Types:
    D, DC, DL, C, G, E
  • Compatibility:
    Generic brands
    DMQ CalTag & GyroTag 

    With CalTag technology don’t worry about calibrating the unit when you change devices and with GyroTag the impact angle is set automatically.


  • Automatic hardness unit conversions
  • User defined units
  • Direct access key
  • Realtime graphics
  • Realtime statistics
  • Alarms
  • Selectable view modes
  • Measuring modes
  • Internal clock

Model Upgrade Licenses

  • Upgrade to a QH7 C with the purchase of a license and a DMQ UCI probe.

Impact Angles

  • Automatic angle detection

Graphic LCD Display

  • LCD 128×64 pixels
  • RGB color LED backlight illumination (ON, OFF, Auto)
  • Adjustable digital contrast


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese


  • Steel
  • Cast Steel
  • Alloy Tool Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Spheroid Iron
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Wrought Copper


  • HL (Leeb)
  • HB (Brinell)
  • HV (vickers)
  • HRC (Rockwell C)
  • HRB (Rockwell B)
  • HS (Shore)
  • Rm (Mechanical Ressistance)User Units
  • Up to 8


  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • RS232 (optional cable)

Data Logger

  • 32000+ readings that can be sent to a PC using dmq DataCenter software
  • 8 folders with 10 character alphanumeric naming
  • 2 capture modes
    Manual: Touch “Store” key
    Auto: Automatically stores values
  • Date and time register


  • USB (cable included)
  • Type Lemo 0B 3-pin impact device connector
  • Type Lemo 00 UCI probe connector


  • 5 year limited on electronics
  • 6 months on accessories

Measuring Ranges

  • Leeb 200 a 960 HL 
  • Steel and Cast Steel
    80-647 HB (Brinell)
    80-940 HV (Vickers)
    20-68 HRC (Rockwell C)
    38-100 HRB (Rockwell B)
    32-100 HS (Shore)
    275-2194 N/mm2 (Rm)
  • Alloy Tool Steel
    21-67 HRC (Rockwell C)
    80-898 HV (Vickers)
  • Stainless Steel
    85-655 HB (Brinell)
    85-802 HV (Vickers)
    20-62 HRC (Rockwell C)
    46-101 HRB (Rockwell B)
  • Grey Cast Iron
    93-664 HB (Brinell)
    90-698 HV (Vickers)
    21-59 HRC (Rockwell C)
  • Spheroid Iron
    95-687 HB (Brinell)
    96-724 HV (Vickers)
    21-60 HRC (Rockwell C)
  • Cast Aluminum
    19-159 HB (Brinell)
    43-193 HV (Vickers)
  • Brass
    40-173 HB (Brinell)
    14-95 HRB (Rockwell B)
  • Bronze
    60-290 HB (Brinell)
  • Wrought Copper
    45-315 HB (Brinell)

    User Units
    Up to 8

Power Supply

  • 2 x AA 1.2v Ni-MH Rechargeable
  • USB cable, cell phone charger


  • W: 165mm / 6.5in
  • H: 65mm / 2.55in
  • L: 105mm / 4.13in
DMQ QH7 L standard configuration

DMQ QH7 L electronic unit
* DMQ type D impact device with GyroTag
HLD test block
Coupling paste
USB cable
Pendrive with DMQ DataCenter software
High impact carrying case
Certificate of conformity


1 HL, 1 HB, 1HV, 0.1HRC, 0.1 HRB
0.1 HRB, 0.1 HS, 1 N/mm2
+/- 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)
Steel and Cast Steel, Alloy Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Grey Cast Iron, Spheroid Iron, Cast Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Wrought Copper
Measuring Range:
200HL to 960HL
Impact Angles:
Automatic angle detection

Impact Devices

D, DC, DL, C, G, E
Impact Device Compatibility:
Generic brands
DMQ with CalTag & GyroTag technology
Type Lemo 0B

Type D Impact Device Specifications
Impact Energy:
11 Nmm
Impact Tip Mass:
5.5g / 0.01lbs
Impact Tip Diameter:
3mm / 0.12in
Impact Tip Hardness:
1600 HV
Impact Tip Material:
Tungsten carbide


Auto Angle:
Automatic angle detection
3 to 10 bar graphic representations
Real Time Statistics:
Max, Min, Mean, Range and Standard Deviation
User Units:
2 user units can be established
Direct Access Key:
Program for impact angle, hardness unit, to save to memory, to open files
View Modes:
4 numerical modes: different information is displayed
Graphic mode: view histogram graphics
Measure Modes:
Absolute: displays the actual measured value
Differential: displays the difference between the real value and a nominal reference value
Internal Clock:
Time and date

Data Logger

32000+ readings
Data Transfer:
Send to a PC using DMQ DataCenter software included at no additional charge
8 files with 10 character alphanumeric naming
Capture Modes:
Manual: Touch the “Store” key to store values
Continuous: Automatically stores values
Date and Time Register:
Register day and time


Low & High:
User defined
Alarm Types:
Visible: flashing backlight or irregular digits
Audible: intermitent beep


Graphic LCD:
128×64 pixels
Viewable Area:
45 x 30mm / 1.77 x 1.18in
RGB color LED backlight (ON, AUTO, OFF)
Digital 30 steps

User Interface

English, Spanish, Portuguese
Menu Screens:
Icon based
User ID:
Personal information with password protection


HL (Leeb)
HB (Brinell)
HV (Vickers)
HRC (Rockwell C)
HRB (Rockwell B)
HS (Shore)
Rm (Mechanical Ressistance)

User U

Hardness Ranges

Steel and Cast Steel:
81-647 HB (Brinell)
80-940 HV (Vickers)
20-68 HRC (Rockwell C)
38-100 HRB (Rockwell B)
32-100 HS (Shore)
275-2194 N/mm2 (Rm)
Alloy Tool Steel:
80-898 HV (Vickers)
20-67 HRC (Rockwell C)
Stainless Steel:
85-655 HB (Brinell)
85-802 HV (Vickers)
20-62 HRC (Rockwell C)
46-102 HRB (Rockwell B)
Grey Cast Iron:
92-334 HB (Brinell)
Spheroid Iron
131-387 HB (Brinell)
Cast Aluminum:
19-159 HB (Brinell)
40-173 HB (Brinell)
14-95 HRB (Rockwell B)
60-290 HB (Brinell)
Wrought Copper:
45-315 HB (Brinell)

Model Upgrade Licenses

Upgrade to a QH7 C with the purchase of a license and a DMQ UCI probe


Connect to PC:
USB (cable included)
RS232 (optional cable)
Thermal printer with a USB cable
40 column printers with an RS232 cable

Front Panel

Membrane keypad

Electronic Unit

W: 165mm / 6.5in
H: 65mm / 2.55in
L: 105mm / 4.13in
200g / 7.05oz with batteries
Working Temperature:
-10°C to 50°C / 14°F to 122°F
Storage Temperature:
-20°C to 60°C / -4°F to 140°F
Aluminium with rubber sides for easy grip

Power Supply

2 x AA 1.2v Ni-MH Rechargeable
Battery Life:
40 hours with backlight off
Battery Indicator:
On all screens with a low level alarm
Programmable 1 to 120 minutes


Electronic Unit:
5 year limited warranty
Impact Devices::
6 months

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