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Gaussmeter (Magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1

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Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1 is designed for rapid non-destructive testing and allows:

  • magnetic field analysis of ferromagnetic products and during magnetic particle inspection;
  • measure levels of industrial noise;
  • define a technical characteristics of equipment for MPI according to requirements of normative and technical documentation;
  • measure the level of remanent magnetization of products after MPI;
  • measure magnetic induction of the various components, devices, products, etc.
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The device also is used to measure the static field.

Portable Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1 is equipped with a Hall sensor to measure the magnetic induction in the following units: Gauss, Tesla, Amps/meter.

Gaussmeter (magnetometer) consists of anelectronic unit and various removable probes.

The device runs on two standard alkaline batteries AAA (1.5 V). So user could buy such batteries in store and has extra batteries for longer operating.


– Gaussmeter electronic unit
– 2 batteries (AAA)
– Charger
– Operating manual
– Case

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