HOTFOIL – EHS Brinell Tester & Poldi Hardness Testers and Accessories

TELEBRINELLER TEST KIT: Hotfoil offers several different hardness testers, the most popular being the Telebrineller. The Telebrineller kit comes with a test anvil, scope, calculator disk, five bars, and a carrying case.

We also offers a Filletester as an alternative to the anvil .

Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester Kit

Telebrineller Standard Part # 23400
Telebrineller w/ Fillitester Part # 23401
Fillitester only Part # 23410
Microscope only Part # 23411
Hardness TesterCalibration Disk only Part # 23412
Bar Holder only Part # 23413
Fillitester Test Bars Part # 23402

When ordering bars use the part# then a dash and the Bar Hardness # you need.
Example: Part # 23402-190 (190 Bar)

Poldi Test Kit

Poldi Kit Part # 23500
Poldi Bars Part # 23510

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