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HOTFOIL-EHS Standard 12-Way Model with recorder

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Standard 12-Way Power Console with Recorder

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Power Consoles “Ramp”
S12WPCFA/A-125KVA 6 Way Power console with:

(6) EHS 3216 Ramp Controllers
(1) 12-point Chino Digital Recorder
(1) Circuit Breaker
(12) Albright Contactors
(12) Heater on lights
(3) T/C Locations / Circuit
(2) 6 inch Instrument cooling fan
(2) 120 volt power outlets
(1) Ammeter
(2) 6-position switches
Console will be Pre-wired & Tested.
PART # 21520R

Power Consoles “Fully Automatic”
S12WPCFA/R/A-125KVA – 12 Way Power console with:

(1) EHS 3216 Master
(11) EHS 3216 Slave Controllers.
PART # 21520R

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