Energy-Saving, Powerful NDT Processors

Meet two powerful innovations for producing high-quality NDT Radiographs. Choose the INDUSTREX M43IC for high-volume output or the INDUSTRX M37 Plus for space-saving design and mid-volume output.

Part # M43IC Category

Designed for the needs of high-volume Non-Destructive Testing customer, the INDUSTREX M43IC provides multiple processing cycles and dry-to-dry processing in as little as two minutes.

The INDUSTREX M43IC processor has a robust feature set that includes:

Up to nine programmable-controlled processing channels
for maintaining preferred settings such as processing speed, developer
temperature, fixer temperature, dryer temperature and replenishment rate
High processing capacity of up to 58 sheets/hour (35cmX43cm) in the
recommended processing cycle for improved productivity
An intermediate fix rinse bath rack system that enhance process uniformity
to both sides of the film
Feed-tray cover that allows for room light operation
Filtered developer solutions that reduce film artifacts
Integrated chiller unit that maintains developer temperature uniformity in hot environments
Two 50-liter replenishment storage tanks
Low level monitoring of all tank solutions
Automatic tank solution “Top-Up“ control that maintains correct solution levels upon processor start up
Work-in-progress monitoring
Integrated connectors to an external exhaust air system

The Industrex M43ICn Processor Features Include:
The M43ICN is a special configuration designed specially for the demanding needs of customers in nuclear power generating industry and those using linear accelerators to expose x-ray film. The M43icN has the same outstanding features as the M43IC with the addition of custom transfer rollers that enhance process uniformity of high-density radiographs often used in these applications.

Industrex M43IC Processor Interface display”
The units’ intuitive keypad interface simplifies operation, and allows new users to become experts in a hurry. Touch a few buttons, and you can preprogram up to nine different settings to automatically accommodate your most frequent applications. Install these processors for free-standing operation in darkroom or for convenient through-the-wall feeding—load exposed film in darkroom, collect processed films in normal room light.

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