Labino Micro Power Xenon UV-A Lights (MPXL) SX Series

Light handheld device producing an extremely high UV intensity (60,000 micro-watts per cm2) for use either inhouse or on the field. AC powered version available only.

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Labino SuperXenon 50 W UV lamp is one of the most powerful handheld UV lamps on the market. The 50 W Xenon bulb generates an extremely high UV intensity, providing a very clear excitation of fluorescent material. This lamp makes it possible to search very large areas.

You can use a floodlight reflector and still see excitations in daylight and at great distances. The Labino SuperXenon is also available with a 35 W UV bulb.


SuperXenon 35 Watt, SuperXenon 50 Watt


No Handle, Pistol Handle, Top Handle


Floodlight, Midlight, Spotlight

Power Source

Battery, Mains


Australian Plug, European Plug, UK Plug, US / Asia Plug

This lamp contains the electronics and bulb in a single housing and is available with no handle – add a mountain bracket instead, a pistol handle as well as a top handle. This product can be operated only using AC power and weighs just 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs).

Each lamp obtains full power in 5-15 seconds and can beswitched on and off whenever used, without pre-cooling.

Select model SuperXenon 35 Watt, SuperXenon 50 Watt
Select handle No Handle, Pistol Handle, Top Handle
Select reflector Floodlight, Midlight, Spotlight
Select power source Battery, Mains
Select plug Australian plug, European plug, UK plug, US / Asia plug
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