MET-L-CHEK MPI-80 Black Particles Wet Method

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Black Particles Wet Method (READY TO USE)

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MPI-80 is a premixed ready-to-use visible black magnetic particle bath, designed for high sensitivity visible magnetic particle inspection. MPI-80 is MPI-80P mixed in Met-L-Glo Carrier #2 and particle flow stabilizers. MPI-80 is often used with WCP-81 white contrast paint, to increase contrast for fine flaw detection. It meets the requirements of AMS-3042 and ASTM E-1444, for visible wet method magnetic particle inspection. Aerosols are pressurized with nonflammable environmentally friendly CO2 gas.

MPI-80 is often used with WCP-81 white contrast paint to increase contrast for fine flaw detection.

Aerosols are pressurized with nonflammable, environmentally friendly CO2.

Available as:

  • Solution: 5 gl (18.9 L), ready to use
  • Powder: 4.4 lbs (2 Kg), MPI-80P
  • Powder: 10 lbs (4.5 Kg), MPI-80P
Category: Magnetic Particle – Oil Method
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