Circle Systems Mi-Glow® 601

Mi-Glow® 634 can be further enhanced when used with a UV-A light or blue light.

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Mi-Glow® 601 red particles premixed with powdered Wetting Agent 34

Mi-Glow® 601 ultra bright red particles undergo the same latest generation bonding process as other Mi-Glow® products.  This state of the art bonding process creates an exceptional sensitive and brilliant magnetic particle inspection material. This exclusive magnetic particle is designed to be used with visible light, UV-A, and a combination of UV-A and visible light for detecting discontinuities found in structural fabrications, welds, and oil/gas fluid control components. Increased particle concentration provides stronger indication buildup for effortless detection.  Mi-Glow® 601 is designed for use in CircleSol® M an approved NDT petroleum based suspension vehicle.

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  • Exceptional particle durability
  • Greater sensitivity and brightness of the Mi Glow 601 results in faster NDT inspections
  • Dual response capability means more flexibility in inspection equipment
  • Relieves safety concerns associated with borate free chemistries

Circle Systems unique bonding method offers a very tightly bonded particle which



Provides total particle encapsulation, eliminating free unbonded pigment, resulting in a low background, high performing magnetic particle inspection powder

Sensitivity – The industry exclusive Mi Glow 601 particles have larger surface areas which mean smaller sized particles with increased sensitivity and brightness o Particles fluoresce and/or respond to UV-A, visible, and blue light technolgie

Ordering and Specifications

Domestic Packaging

Item # / Package Size
#3661 – 2 pounds/jar
#3662 – 30 pounds/pail

International Packaging

Item # / Package Size
#3123 – 1kg jar
#3127 – 15kg pail

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