Straight Shaft Surface Probe Single Single Shielded Bridge 001

OKOndt Straight Shaft Surface Probe (Single / Single Shielded, Bridge)

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Straight Shaft Surface Probe (Single / Single Shielded, Bridge)

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Sensing element of eddy current probe coincides with the handle axis


DesignationTip Ø ‘D’, mmLength, mmCentre FrequencyConnectorMaterial
SU200K3Dx25-75 B375200 kHzTriax Lemo/FischerFe/NFe
SU200K4.5Dx25-75 B4.575200 kHzFe/NFe
SU500K3Dx25-75 B375500 kHzFe/NFe
SU500K4.5Dx25-75 B4.575500 kHzFe/NFe
SU2М2.5Dx25-75 B2.5752 MHzNFe
SU2М3Dx25-75 B3752 MHzNFe
SU6М2.5Dx25-75 B2.5756 MHzNFe


SU200K3Dx2575B (Sh)
123 4 56


1. SU – surface probe for surface flaws detection.

2. Probe frequency:

“HZ” designates the Hz range; “К” designates the kHz range; “М” designates the MHz range.

3. Probe tip diameter, mm

4. Shaft size, mm

5. Probe length, mm. Standard length of 75 mm (3″) can be changed upon request.

6. Probe type designation: “B”. “B” – Bridge type probe.

Probes of standard type are manufactured unshielded. In case a shielded probe is required, when making an order, please indicate the letters ”Sh” (Shielded) at the end of a designation code.

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