Right Angle Surface Probe 90˚ tip Single Single Shielded Bridge type 001

OKOndt Right Angle Surface Probe (90˚ tip, Single / Single Shielded, Bridge type)

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Right Angle Surface Probe (90˚ tip, Single / Single Shielded, Bridge type)

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Sensing element of eddy current probe is placed at the angle of 90˚ to the handle axis.


DesignationTip Ø ‘D’, mmDrop length, mmLength, mmCentre frequencyConnectorMaterial
SU200K5A4.5Dx6.4-105 B4.56.4105200 kHzTriax Lemo/FischerFe/NFe
SU500K5A3Dx6.4-105 B36.4105500 kHzTriax Lemo/FischerFe/NFe
SU500K5A4.5Dx6.4-105 B4.56.4105500 kHzFe/NFe
SU500K5A4.5Dx12.7-105 B4.512.7105500 kHzFe/NFe
SU2М5A2.5Dx2.7-105 B2.52.71052 MHzNFe
SU2М5A3Dx2.7-105 B32.71052 MHzNFe
SU2М5A3Dx6.4-105 B36.41052 MHzNFe
SU2М5A3Dx12.7-105 B312.71052 MHzNFe
SU6М5A2.5Dx6.4-105 B2.56.41056 MHzNFe


1234 5 67



1. SU – surface probe for surface flaws detection.

2. Probe frequency:

“HZ” designates the Hz range; “К” designates the kHz range; “М” designates the MHz range.

3. Drop angle of a sensing element to the probe axis “5А” is 90.

4. Probe tip diameter, mm.

5. Drop length, mm.

6. Probe length, mm. Standard length of 105 mm (4.1″) can be changed upon request.

7. Probe type designation: “B”. “B” – Bridge type probe.

Probes of standard type are manufactured unshielded. In case a shielded probe is required, when making an order, please indicate the letters ”Sh” (Shielded) at the end of a designation code.

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