Sentinel Cobalt-60 Industrial Radioisotopes

Designed, tested, and manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001/EN46001

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SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotope sources are compacted High Specific Activity (HSA), double-encapsulated, and laser welded for superior quality and safety.

Our SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotope sources are available in 300 Ci (11.10 TBq) activity. Custom activities may be ordered to meet your specific application needs.

Designed, tested, and manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001/EN46001

Transportation and Support

Worldwide Delivery

We understand that dealing with radioactive materials is complex. Shippers of radioactive materials in regulatory jurisdictions must ensure full compliance with all current and applicable transport regulations.

QSA Global, Inc.’s global network of export specialists and brokers are available to provide you with the expertise needed to solve challenging logistics issues.

Loading & Unloading SENTINEL Co-60

QSA Global, Inc. offers a variety of options for loading and unloading SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotope sources to help minimize downtime. SENTINEL Co-60 can be loaded and unloaded from your system to the container:

  • By a trained professional we send to your location
  • Locally in your bunker by your trained employees
  • At QSA Global, Inc. headquarters via your local service center

SENTINEL Co-60 Disposition

Radioactive materials that are no longer required must be transferred to a licensed recipient for final disposition. USA manufactured SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotope source assemblies that have depleted beyond their useful working life may be returned to QSA Global, Inc. using an approved Type B (U) or Type A container.

To request a return for final disposition, we will provide a Source Return Authorization Number (SRAN) form for you to complete and return to us with a current leak test and confirmation the radioisotope source has been exposed/retracted within 6 months of disposition request. Upon receipt of the completed SRAN documents, we will provide an SRAN number authorizing the return.


SENTINEL Co-60 in Gamma Radiography

Cobalt is used throughout the industrial radiography industry to detect structural damage to metal parts. QSA Global, Inc.’s SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotope sources are used to perform industrial gamma radiography with relatively short exposure time on thicker materials such as heavy castings, thick steel weldments, and concrete.

Gamma Energy Range 1.17-1.33 MeV
Steel Thickness 2.0–6.0 in (50-150 mm)
Concrete Thickness 10 to 40 in (200-1,000 mm)
Light Alloys Thickness 1.5–7.5 in (40-190 mm)
Radioisotope Output  At 1 m per Ci (37 GBq): 1.30 R/hr (13.0 mSv/hr)
At 1 ft per Ci (37 GBq): 14.0 R/hr (140 mSv/hr)
Half-Life 5.27 years
Special Form Certification USA/0377/S-96


Material Approximate Material Density Approximate Half-Value Thickness
Concrete 2.35 g/cm3 2.400 in (61.0 mm)
Steel 7.80 g/cm3 0.827 in (21.0 mm)
Lead 11.34 g/cm3 0.500 in (12.7 mm)
Tungsten 17.80 g/cm3 0.310 in (7.9 mm)
Depleted Uranium (DU) 18.70 g/cm3 0.270 in (6.8 mm)


SENTINEL Co-60 Gamma-Ray Source Projectors

QSA Global, Inc.’s SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotope sources are generally in the configuration of a right circular cylinder with an end mounted hemisphere of equivalent diameter. The active material is coaxial with the source capsule.

QSA Global, Inc.’s SENTINEL Co-60 isotope assemblies were designed specifically for use in our SENTINEL Co-60 gamma radiography source projectors to perform weld quality inspection in Fabrication Shops and Shipyards and to investigate the condition of large valves in piping systems.

SENTINEL Co-60 radioisotopes are available for the following current and previous SENTINEL Co-60 gamma-ray source projectors.

System Assembly Number Max Capacity
330 Ci (12 TBq)
110 Ci (4.07 TBq)
A424-14 110 Ci (4.07 TBq)
680 Series A424-14 110 Ci (4.07 TBq)
741  Series A414-18 33 Ci (1.22 TBq)
684 Series A424-15 11 Ci (407 GBq)


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