Personal Electronic Dosimeters.

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Tracerco’s range of personal electronic dosimeters (PEDs) are suitable for oil and gas, medical and life sciences, nuclear, CBRNe and emergency services, NDT, manufacturing and industrial, and environmental and waste management industries. We offer both intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe options for all needs.

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 in

PED BLUE Personal Electronic Dosimeter/Rate Alar, PED-IS Intrinsically Safe Personal Electronic Dosimeter/Rate Alarm, PED+ Personal Electronic Dosimeter/Survey Meter

TracercoTM Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) Blue

The PED-Blue is a lightweight, non-IS PED. The device can be charged with a direct micro USB connection, providing greater flexibility. The PED-Blue can also be configured to use either two or four dose alarm levels and is customisable through DoseVisionTM software.

Benefits of the PED-Blue include:

– Robust and easy to use
– Direct micro USB connection for greater flexibility
– Large, clear, easy-to-read display
– Light weight – suited to more applications
– Used with DoseVisionTM software – ease of use and functionality
– IP67 rated
– Simple one-button operation

TracercoTM Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED)-IS

The PED-IS is ideal for workers who are not specially trained to measure radiation exposure. Everything has been designed with the user in mind. The display features a simple diagram of a man who fills with colour depending on the dose of radiation received, as well as radiation graph measurements. This Intrinsically safe personal electronic dosimeter is available to measure radiation exposure in potentially explosive environments.

The benefits of the PED-IS include:

– Intrinsically safe, so no need for a hot work permit
– One of the largest memories on the market, reducing the risk of data being overwritten when memory is full
– Easy to read, with large AMOLED display screen
– Simple to use, with Icons and one-touch operation
– Flexible, with 3 radiation measurement modes, and 4 different radiation alarm settings
– Suitable for use in all weathers
– A screen that can be rotated allowing it to be worn multiple ways

TracercoTM Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED+)

The PED+ can be used as both a personal dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter. It has a number of additional features, such as Bluetooth, GPS and pop-up message alarms.

The capabilities of the PED+ include:

– Handheld mode allows the device to be used as a handheld survey meter
– Shows readings in dose rate (Sv or rem) and displays a live trend graph to show activity in real time
– Measurement is corrected for use off-body, so personal accumulated dose is not recorded
– Dose rate data is logged in off-body mode, allowing data review with DoseVisionTM
– Pop-up alert messages display clear instructions at alarm threshold
– Allows location data to be logged to the device alongside dose and dose rate data, that can be viewed using DoseVision™

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