NOMO Group introducing the new brand identity

After a decade of operations contributing to the growth of our customers, we decided to submit our brand to a rebranding process and adapt it to the new times.

As an experienced company in the non-destructive testing business, we have established operations in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We set ourselves the challenge of aligning our purpose and brand values, with a visual identity that communicates what makes us unique, and that makes visible the commitment to put all our knowledge at the service of our commercial partners.

Now we are more prepared than ever to give the best of ourselves, and communicate it with consistency through different channels.

In addition, we have redesigned all of our websites to provide a more user-friendly, secure and interactive user experience.

This is how we innovate in the non-destructive testing sector, constantly evolving to keep growing together with our customers and provide productivity at all test.

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