Sonatest’s Veo3 Has Been Selected For A Mission To The International Space Station

Sonatest, a leading provider of NDT equipment, is pleased to announce that their state-of-the-art VEO3 equipment, along with essential accessories, has been selected for a pivotal mission to the International Space Station (ISS). This extraordinary accomplishment signifies a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between Sonatest, NASA-Houston, and their dedicated teams.

On August 1st, the NG-19 Cygnus Spacecraft, in collaboration with the Antares launch vehicle, embarked on a historic journey to the ISS. This mission underscores the unwavering commitment to excellence that defines both Sonatest and the broader space program.

Sonatest’s VEO3 equipment, known for its precision and reliability, will play a crucial role in ensuring that critical operations are executed flawlessly throughout the mission.

The decision to utilize Sonatest’s equipment for this mission reflects the trust and confidence placed in the company’s technological expertise. Sonatest is honored to contribute to this significant step in advancing space exploration and supporting NASA’s ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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