Adelix ADL-D100 Portable dynamic hardness tester

Dynamic hardness tester ADL-D100 is specially designed for express-control of hardness of metal products. The ADL-D100 is a versatile solution for accurate portable hardness testing and can be a reliable tool in your claims work. Especially when situations arise when other devices do not provide sufficient accuracy when measuring the hardness of parts.

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ADL-D100 will be an affordable and reliable solution to problems when there are disagreements between workshops or contractors in the results obtained and when accepting parts, since the device measures with an accuracy as close as possible to stationary hardness testers.

An intelligent averaging mode, a unique statistical processing system and flexible memory organization allow for the most accurate hardness measurements.

The device allows you to calibrate one or two exemplary test blocks and one-point calibration.

For clarity of results, graphs are provided on the hardness tester display. Equipping the device with additional positioning attachments makes the ADL-D100 hardness tester universal in use.

For operation in a workshop, the device is manufactured in a rugged case, equipped with a bright color 3.5″ LCD TFT display with a user-friendly interface.

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Individual solutions – allows programming, in addition to standard calibrations, a large number of user calibrations, i.e. create special scales according to standard firmness measures of the enterprise (specific customer material).

Mini-computer – the device is a database on specific various materials of the enterprise and allows you to accumulate a knowledge base on the scales of these materials.

Modernity – made on a modern electronic base. This allows you to implement more possibilities for software processing of results using different methods and algorithms.

Reliability – accurate, modern and reliable in use. Warranty and post-warranty service is carried out promptly on the basis of the service center.

Expertise – the creation, storage, recording and adjustment of specialized scales for various materials make this device universal in use between different workshops within the enterprise and between third-party organizations.

Accuracy – a modern element base and a high-quality sensor allow high-precision measurements according to programmed calibrations, as close as possible to the accuracy of stationary hardness testers.


The device can be equipped with specialized positioning tips for measuring hardness on uneven surfaces.

In addition to the standard “D” type sensor, the supply of “G” type sensors for surfaces with high roughness and light “E” type sensors is available.

The company can supply hardness blocks according to Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers, as well as certified standard hardness blocks of the enterprise SMTP 1, 2.

For surface preparation, the device can be equipped with a grinder with a set of consumables.

Measurement range on the main scales
Rockwell20 – 70 HRC
Brinell30  – 650 HB
Vickers230 – 940 HV
Measurement error (Regulated by ISO standards)
Rockwell2 HRC
Brinell, in the range:
90-180 HB
180-250 HB
250-460 HB
10 HB
15 HB
20 HB
Vickers, in the range:
240-500 HV
500-800 HV
800-940 HV
15 HV
20 HV
25 HV
Diameter of the platform for installing the sensorfrom 21 mm on the plane, (from 15 mm, depending on washer type)
for sensor type “D”
for sensor type “G”
for sensor type “E”
3.2 Ra
7.2 Ra
3.2 Ra
Main technical characteristics
Scale conversionIt is possible to convert the measured hardness into different scales
Programmable scalesMore than 500 additional scales
CalculationsAverage value for 1 – 20 measurements
Minimum, maximum, average value
Finding Incorrect Measurement Results
Construction of graphsAll points from the series that were taken into account in the calculation of the average value
Device bodyShockproof plastic body, protected from falls with rubberized inserts
Working temperature– 20 … +45 °С
DisplayLCD TFT 3.5’’, 320х480 px
LanguageUkrainian, English, Russian
PC connectionUSB-C, customization and processing
Instrument power supplyBuilt-in battery
Overall dimensions185x93x36 mm
Weight0.35 kg


  • Hardness tester
  • Type D sensor
  • The cable to the sensor
  • PC connection cable
  • Charger
  • Carrying bag
  • Operation manual
  • Verification certificate
  • The passport
  • Hardness measuring scales (by agreement)
This product has no accessories.
This product does not have software options.
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