DAKOTA ZX-6 Ultrasonic thickness gauge

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The ZX-6 series gauges are at the top of the ZX line of basic thickness gauges. They combine a standard pulse-echo flaw detection measurement mode with a multi-echo through paint mode for use on materials with epoxy based coatings, and eliminate the error from the coating without having to remove it. They are equipped with adjustible gain, as well as auto Time Dependent Gain in both measurement modes. Our limited 5 year warranty indicates how we feel about the durability and reliability of the ZX-6 Series.

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Zero: Manual or auto zero option.
Probe Types: Selectable probe frequency & diameter for improved linearity.
High Speed Scan: Display the lowest reading found during a scan. Scan speed at 100Hz.
Differential Mode: Display the +/- difference from a nominal value entered.
Alarm Mode: High & low alarm limits with audible and visual indicators.
VX velocity: Measure in terms of velocity for nodularity testing

  • Pulse-Echo (P-E): 0.025 to 36.00 in (0.63 to 914.4 mm).
  • Echo-Echo (E-E): 0.100 to 6.00 in base metal, and 0.001 to 0.075 in (0.0254 to 1.905mm).
    Range dependent on material types and transducer frequency & diameter.
  • Units: English & Metric
  • Resolution: 0.001 inches (0.01 millimeters)
  • Velocity Range: 0.0120 to .7300 in/μs (305 to 18,542 m/sec)
  • PRF: 200Hz
  • Display Update Rate: 10Hz
  • Gain: 40-52dB range in 3dB steps.
  • Time Dependent Gain (TDG): Used in both pulse-echo (P-E) and Echo-Echo (E-E) modes depending on transducer and frequency selected.
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