Ultrasonic Flaw Detector ExScan UT «Thickness Gauge +»

ExScan UT is user friendly thanks to a special interface philosophy: “Do not browse the menu, just press the button!”

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Light, ergonomic, fast, reliable and accurate – this is a handheld portable ultrasonic flaw detector of the new generation ExScan UT. The device is simple and easy to use. Due to the shape of the case, the hand strap and the low weight (less than 2 lbs.), It is easy to carry out measurements by holding the flaw detector with one hand in areas with the limited access to the testing object or in case climbing equipment during testing is employed.

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The device is designed for manual testing of products for the presence of defects such as cracks, pores, delaminations, inhomogeneities at finished products, semifinished products and welded joints, as well as to estimate the sound velocity and defects equivalent sizes. Available in three versions: UT, Thickness Gauge+, and UT and Thickness Gauge+.

ExScan UT is user friendly thanks to a special interface philosophy: “Do not browse the menu, just press the button!”, Pressing one or a couple of buttons grants access to the most frequently used functions. Quick and easy calibration of the device with the help of direct rays, angular rays and Rayleigh probes on standard samples or even on an object under test.

To quickly adapt new users to the interface of the device, the ExScan UT offers several options: context lighting, prompts for menu items, menu presets (a full menu, Simple1 & Simple 2). The protection level of the device is IP65, the operating temperature range is -22 ° F to 122 ° F, it is resistant to ionizing radiation and high humidity, which makes it possible to successfully use the device in harsh operating conditions

Display size: 4.5 in


Display resolution: 800×480


Probe connectors: 2 × BNC or 2 × LEMO-1 or 2 × LEMO-00


Connector Analog output: Alarm


USB: Type A


LAN: +


Pulser Types: Spike + Square Wave (SWP)


Pulser Voltage (SWP): 50 V, 100 V, 150 V, 200 V, 250 V, 300 V, 400 V


Pulser Energy (SWP): 20 ns to 1000ns with 10 ns step Manual & Auto modes


Pulser Voltage (Spike): Low: 50 V, High: 300 V


Pulser Damping: +


Pulser PRF modes: Smart, Low, Medium, High, Manual


Pulser PRF: from 15 to 6000 Hz


Pulser Phantoms control: 3 modes


Receiver Range (at steel longitudinal wave): 314 in (8 000 mm)


Receiver Gain: 0 to110 dB, with 0.1 dB step


Receiver Max signal input: 20 V p-p


Receiver Bandwidth: 0.2 MHz – 27 MHz


Receiver Filters: 0.2-27 MHz – 20 MHz


Receiver Filters set choice: +


Receiver Rectification: RF, FW, Pos. HW, Neg. HW


Receiver TCG (TVG): 110 dB; 110 dB/μs slope


Receiver Signal Average: OFF / 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x / 32x / 64x


Receiver Reject (cutoff): 0-80% FSH


Measurement Number of gates: 2


Measurement Number of cursors: 2


Measurement Modes: 1, 2, C1, C2, 1-2, 1-C1, 1-C2, 2-C1, 2-C2, C1-C2


Measurement TOF Modes: Peak, Edge (Flank)


Measurement Amplitude measurement: up to 200% FSH


Measurement Units: in / us / mm


Measurement Output fields: 5


Alarm Number of gates: 2

Alarm Number of levels: 3


Flaws evaluation AWS: +


Flaws evaluation DGS (AVG): +


Flaws evaluation DAC: +


Flaws evaluation DAC: Number of points: 128


Flaws evaluation DAC codes: ASME & ASME III, EN 1712, EN 1713, EN1714, JIS Z3060, GB11345, GB 4730


Flaws evaluation Custom DAC curves: up to 6


Flaws evaluation DAC 20-80: +


Flaws evaluation DAC & TCG: +


Memory Setups: +


Memory Datasets (with A-Scans): +


Memory Capacity: 2 GB (up to 64 GB)


PC software: +


Coupling control: +


AGC: independent for both gates


Quick calibration: +


Quick estimate (Best signal catch): +


Auto XX % (50% or 80%): +


Reference gain: +


Peak hold (collect, peak memory): +


Signals compare: +


Smart zoom: +


Choice of menu systems: Full Simple 1 Simple 2


Keyboard backlight: +


Smart (Context) keyboard backlight: +


Number of keyboard shortcuts: 41


Physical Dimensions: 9,50×4,40×5,30 in (241 x 112 x 134 mm)


Physical Weight incl. battery: 2,1 lb (0.95 kg)


Physical Operating temp. range: 22 °F to 122 °F (30 °C to 50 °C)


Physical Dust & water protection: IP65


Physical Battery life: 8 h


Physical Replaceable battery: +


This product has no accessories.
This product does not have software options.
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