Glycerin Couplant GLY-1 : 1-gallon/3.8 liter cubitainer one refillable bottle

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Glycerin can be used as a general purpose couplant. The viscosity and acoustic impedance are desirable for rough surfaces and highly attenuating materials. Glycerin has an acoustic impedance of 2.42 x 105 gm-cm2/sec.

Glycerin is also suitable for use in high frequency delay line inspections, high frequency delay line thickness gaging and contact transducer testing on reference standards.



  • Batch certified by 3rd party laboratory for Halogens (Cl, BR, I, F) and Sulfur (S).
  • Packaged from USP Glycerin, 99+%
  • High acoustic impedance
  • Medium viscosity fluid
  • Will not harden on equipment
  • Compatible with plastics


  • Non-toxic, non-irritating
  • Contains no heavy metals, harsh surfactants, glycol ethers, nitrites, silicones, dyes or fragrances.


  • Can be completely removed with mild detergent and a water wash, or water wash alone.


Glycerin can be corrosive to carbon steel and aluminum

Total Halogens ……………….. < 50ppm
Sulfur ………………………………. < 50ppm

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