Ionix Hight Temperature transducer cables

Probe accessories to facilitate accurate, fast, and reliable measurements across all temperatures

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High quality, heat and abrasion resistant dual UT cables to connect the probe to any thickness gauge or flaw detector using compatible connectors. All cables are temperature resilient, co-axial cables protected using a fiberglass outer jacket for continuous use up to 250°C (392°F) or intermittent use up to 550°C (1022°F) without conducting heat to the user. The cables are compatible with all the handle extensions, including the 2” handle and strain relief.

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  • The fiberglass outer jacket provides heat and abrasion resistance to the cable assembly without impacting flexibility and keeping it lightweight.
  • Fiberglass, as opposed to a flexible metal conduit, prevents conduction of heat through the cable reducing risk of burning the operator or damaging equipment.
  • The cable uses common connectors to allow integration to all thickness gauges and flaw detectors with options for gauge specific connectors and identification pins for common commercial gauges from Evident, Waygate and others.


  • For use with dual probes for thickness, corrosion, erosion surveys and TOFD probes for weld inspection.
  • Ideal for scanning application where a robust, lightweight cable option is required.


Cable Diagram
Connector and Cable Options

All product codes and configurations are contained in the datasheet. Custom configurations by request.

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