Ionix Ultrasonic High Temperature Testing Transducers

Ultrasonic Testing Transducers

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Reduce inspection time with no duty cycling and robust calibration

Dual element ultrasonic transducers for on-stream, thickness, corrosion and erosion surveys with a wide operating temperature for use in applications across refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace, and process sectors.

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  •  Built on the award winning HotSense™ ultrasonic platform powered by the proprietary Ionix HPZ piezoceramic.
  • Dual element thickness gauging transducers in a range of frequencies and tip sizes for use in extreme environments.
  • -55 to +550 °C [-67 to +1,022 °F] wide measurement temperature range for all in-service assets.
  • No cooling required up to 350 °C / 662 °F. Increase your productivity between calibrations and reduce duty cycling.
  • Stable signal for maximum reliability and repeatability.
  • Enhanced wear resistance for the most extreme environments and applications.


  • Make on-stream wall thickness measurements on hot assets, in-service, without the need to shut down or isolate.
  • Measure remaining wall thicknesses from 1 to 500 mm thick with compliant thickness gauges.
  • Compatible with recommended high-temperature ultrasonic couplants.
  • Robust stainless-steel construction, and large tip options for scanning.
  • Range of accessories available, including port inspection wand, safety guards and scanner probe holders for the highest-temperature applications.

Technical Details

  • Measure remaining wall thickness from 1 to 500 mm with compliant thickness gauges on hot assets, in-service, without shutdown or isolation.
  • Better data from easier and more accurate calibration at asset temperature.
  • 2X increased wear resistance for the most extreme environments and applications including scanning and corrosion mapping.
  • Range of accessories available, including port inspection wand and safety guards for the most extreme temperatures.
  • Compatible with industry standard ultrasonic gauges and flaw detectors.
  • Range of frequencies available to penetrate thicker or scattering materials.
  • Compliant to ISO 22232-2 and ASTM E1065 to meet existing asset integrity UT procedures.
Surface temperature range*-55 to +550 / [-67 to +1022]°C / [ °F]
Storage temperature-55 to +80 / [-67 to +176]
Store dry and in clean condition
°C / [ °F]
Connector typeDual UNF 10/32 Microdot
Wear allowance1.5 / [0.06]mm / [inch]
Stainless steel construction
Ex certificationEx options available
This product has no accessories.
This product does not have software options.
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