Labino LabinOil for NDT

Available from 25 ml, 1 liter, 5 liter, 25 liter bottles to 50 liter and 100 liter containers. Your choice.

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LabinOil dye is a florescent dye and should be used with petroleum-based lubricants.

The fluorescence in the LabinOil is a reaction that is activated by irradiating with UV-light. You neither need to clean the engine before or after the engine leakage test, nor to empty the engine oil.

Labino UVG2 Spotlight Torch is a powerful LED light source used together with LabinOil and it aids to activate such reaction.


LabinOil 1 liter only, LabinOil 6 x 25 ml only, LabinOil kit


Australian Plug, European Plug, LabinOil only, Sweden Plug, UK Plug, US / Asia Plug

The LabinOil kit includes six 25 ml bottles of LabinOil dye and one UVG2 2.0 Spotlight UV LED flashlight as well as all accessories (two chargers including vehicle charger, UV block goggles, belt holster and two batteries) and a carrying case.

The LabinOil dye can be purchased in different volumes:
• 25 ml (six bottles in one package)
• 1 litre
• 5 litre
• 25 litre

Other sizes are also available upon request.

Select typeLabinOil 1 liter only, LabinOil 6 x 25 ml only, LabinOil Kit
Select plugAustralian plug, European plug, LabinOil only, Sweden plug, UK plug, US / Asia plug
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