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Pulse Holiday Detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 is designed for testing the continuity of insulation coatings (polymer, epoxy, bitumen, etc.) of oil, gas and other pipelines and other products during their operation and servicing.

Pulse Holiday Detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1 is used to testing the integrity of insulating coatings which are based on polymer materials or bituminous mastics. The pulse Holiday Detector cay be used during the building and using the metal oil and gas pipelines with thickness of coatings up to 12 mm. Testing the quality of insulation coatings is used to evaluate the effectiveness of corrosion protection of oil and gas pipelines.

Device is corresponded with the ASTM G62-07, NACE RP0274-2004, NACE RP0490-2007, NACE SP0188-2006, ASTM D4787-08, ANSI/AWWA C214-07, ANSI/AWWA C213-07, ISO 2746:1998 & AS3894.1-2002.

The operation principle of device is based on the fixation the breakdown of locations between the first electrode which is connected to the high-voltage source and the second electrode, which is connected to the pipe (or other testing objects).

The device operates with replaceable electrodes with different shapes, materials, and can be used for solving different tasks.

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