Straight surface pencil probe Reflection type 001

OKOndt Straight surface pencil probe (Reflection type)

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Straight surface pencil probe (Reflection type)

Sensing element of eddy current probe coincides with the handle axis


Designation Tip Ø ‘D’,
mm / inch
mm / inch
Connector Material
SU450K05DA0 5 / .2 70 / 2.75 400 – 600 Lemo 04




SU 450K 05D A X
1 2 3 4 5


1. SU – surface probe for surface flaws detection.

2. Probe frequency:

HZ” designates the Hz range; “К” designates the kHz range; “М” designates the MHz range.

3. Probe tip diameter, mm

4. Probe type designation “А”. “А” – Absolute.

5. Probe modification number.

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