Dynamic Rotating Bolt 001

OKOndt Dynamic Rotating Bolt Hole Probe with Flexible Tip

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Coils are positioned at right angles to the probe shaft length; Differential Unshielded.

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DesignationTip Ø ‘D’, mmWorking length (WL), mmLength, mmFrequencyConnectorMaterial
RO3.1-3.6×100 FD3.1-3.640100200 kHz -3 MHz4-pin Fischer connector (to Hocking, GE, Rohmann and Forester drive units, etc.)Fe/NFe
RO3.6-4.1×100 FD3.6-4.140100200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO4.1-4.6×100 FD4.1-4.640100200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO4.6-5.1×105 FD4.6-5.140105200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO5.1-5.6×105 FD5.1-5.645105200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO5.6-6.1×105 FD5.6-6.145105200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO6.1-6.5×105 FD6.1-6.545105200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO6.5-7.5×110 FD6.5-7.545110200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO7.5-8.5×120 FD7.5-8.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO8.5-9.5×120 FD8.5-9.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO9.5-10.5×120 FD9.5-10.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO10.5-11.5×120 FD10.5-11.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO11.5-12.5×120 FD11.5-12.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO12.5-13.5×120 FD12.5-13.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO13.5-14.5×120 FD13.5-14.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO14.5-15.5×120 FD14.5-15.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO15.5-16.5×120 FD15.5-16.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO16.5-17.5×120 FD16.5-17.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO17.5-18.5×120 FD17.5-18.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO18.5-19.5×120 FD18.5-19.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO19.5-20.5×120 FD19.5-20.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO20.5-21.5×120 FD20.5-21.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO21.5-22.5×120 FD21.5-22.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO22.5-23.5×120 FD22.5-23.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO23.5-24.5×120 FD23.5-24.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe
RO24.5-25.5×120 FD24.5-25.545120200 kHz -3 MHzFe/NFe


RO3.1-3.6x85FD (Sh)
12 34

1. RO – dynamic rotating probe for bolt holes testing.

2. Range of hole size, mm.

3. Probe length, mm. Standard length of 45 mm (1,8″) can be changed upon request. To be chosen based on the required working length (“WL”).

4. Probe type designation: “FD”

F” (Flexible) – Flexible tip delrin housing, “D”(Differential).

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