Angle Beam Dual Element Probes TAB 001

OKOndt Angle Beam Dual Element Probes TAB

Part # NMABDEPTAB Category

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Catalog numberFrequency, MHzRefracted angle,oElement size,Type of caseConnector typeConnector position
TABD2-45-6×122.0456×12.250x.500Plated brassLemo00Side
TABD2-60-6×122.0606×12.250x.500Plated brassLemo00Side
TABD2-70-6×122.0706×12.250x.500Plated brassLemo00Side
TABD4-45-6×124.0456×12.250x.500Plated brassLemo00Side
TABD4-60-6×124.0606×12.250x.500Plated brassLemo00Side
TABD4-70-6×124.0706×12.250x.500Plated brassLemo00Side


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