Introducing Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED+)

Tracerco PED+ are suitable for oil and gas, medical and life sciences, nuclear, CBRNe and emergency services, NDT, manufacturing and industrial, and environmental and waste management industries.

The PED+ can be used as both a personal dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter. It has a number of additional features, such as Bluetooth, GPS and pop-up message alarms.

Everything has been designed with the user in mind. The display features a simple diagram of a man who fills with colour depending on the dose of radiation received, as well as radiation graph measurements.

The capabilities of the PED+ include:

  • Handheld mode allows the device to be used as a handheld survey meter.
  • Shows readings in dose rate (Sv or rem) and displays a live trend graph to show activity in real time.
  • Measurement is corrected for use off-body, so personal accumulated dose is not recorded.
  • Dose rate data is logged in off-body mode, allowing data review with DoseVision™.
  • Pop-up alert messages display clear instructions at alarm threshold.
  • Allows location data to be logged to the device alongside dose and dose rate data, that can be viewed using DoseVision™.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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